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Tuesdays FTB: Morning links and a weatherman throws stones in his glass arena

Know your history before ragging on someone else

NHL: Stanley Cup Final-Pittsburgh Penguins at Nashville Predators Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Last night it was snarkey fan of an old team vs southern fanbase part a billion.

Some Pittsburgh weatherman was all

Then he would double down and count sell outs and support for his team but oddly enough he onky went back ten years.

Clearly he doesnt know his own teams history pre-Crosby. The Penguins were such a sad sack franchise that they couldn't afford to pay Mario Lemieux the money he deferred because they, well, didn't have any at the time. He had to take ownership of the franchisein lieu of payment.

The Pittsburgh Penguins were such a shitty NHL franchise they had to resort to giving away stock in the team like so many late 90s internet startups.

The Penguins have been the subject of more relocation rumours than the Predators. Ownership has toured other cities - Mario Lemiuex himself was considering moving the team to Kansas City at one point.

It boils down to this simple fact weather guy. If the balls bounced differently in the summer of 2005, Crosby would be in Anaheim and the Penguins would be in Houston.

Know your history before you open your yap.

Here are some links.

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Post your own as well. I'm on the train.