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Wednesday’s FTB: Roman Polak Rides Again

The veteran defenceman is skating once more.

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at Toronto Maple Leafs John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Wednesday! Here are your links.


Katya Knappe: PPP’s T25U25 #9, Josh Leivo We managed to put Leivo in the top ten despite no one being very enthusiastic about his situation.

#8 will be coming out at 8:00 AM.

Around The NHL

Sportsnet: Free Agent Roman Polak Resumes Skating Wearing Leafs’ Sweater I hope Roman fully recovers and gets a nice one-year contract in the Western Conference.

Calgary Flames T25U25 #9: Mark Jankowski The Flames’ towering 2012 first-rounder seems to have really come into his own this year.

San Jose Sharks T25U25 #18: Noah Rod Spare the Noah, spoil the (sh)Ark? I don’t know, it’s too early for Biblical puns.

Nashville Predators T25U25 #3: Kevin Fiala Fiala is genuinely a cool prospect. Very dangerous offensively and could get a chance to put up real numbers for Nashville this year.

Arizona Coyotes T25U25 #10: Christian Fischer Arizona has a million good forward prospects fighting for jobs in the NHL next year. They really sucked last season, though, so improvement will probably only bring them to a more respectable kind of missing the playoffs. Still, there might be something special happening for the Coyotes by the end of the decade.

Colorado Avalanche T25U25 #1: Nathan MacKinnon MacKinnon was swallowed by the hideous morass that was Colorado last season, but he’s still an excellent young player.

The Hockey News: Why Zetterberg’s Potential Two-Year Retirement Plan Is Worrisome For The Red Wings It’s hard for me to see the Wings actually having serious competitive worries in 2019, because they’re probably going to be bad still. Maybe they’ll get a crackerjack draft pick or something.

It’s August, so things are quiet in the hockey world. Bask in the sunshine, or complain in the comments, whatever you like.