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Monday’s FTB: No Nylander news, no other news

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With a 5-0 win on Saturday, we don’t have much drama to fill time with.

Coors Light NHL Stadium Series - Toronto Maple Leafs v Washington Capitals
This man is putting on a sweater for every week we go without a Nylander signing.
Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

With a win on Saturday everyone has been too happy to make up any dumb stuff about the Maple Leafs so we don’t have a lot of fluff t fill this space with.

Heck, no one has gone and done anything spectacularly dumb lately. It’s really disappointing. By no one I mean the NHL teams because plenty of people have done dumb things but this isn’t a space for me to complain about those things.

And just for a quick update, no William Nylander hasn’t signed, and no I’m not going over the dumb Hurricanes rumours for you because they’re dumb.

And now, your news:

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The Raw Charge boss joins us to talk hockey

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I think Fulemin said it best:

The OHL Realignment – The OHL Collective
With Hamilton playing in the East division even though it's farther west than the central division, things get confusing

Brendan Lemieux has a hearing - Arctic Ice Hockey
The Jets forward will have a hearing in the coming days.

Enjoy your day!