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Monday’s FTB: This Family Day at PPP, Matthews still the prodigal son

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Auston Matthews is a Leaf! Auston Matthews is a Leaf! Auston Matthews is a Leaf! Auston Matthe

Detroit Red Wings v Toronto Maple Leafs Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Today is Family Day in the only place that matters — Toronto!

We’re supposed to celebrate family, I guess, for reasons that have to do with.... family, or something.

So we here at PPP want to celebrate it by honouring our prodigal son, Auston Matthews, for making us just so damned happy that he’s ours. Of course, we love all our children. William Nylander for the sick pass to Matthews for the game winning goal, Zach Hyman for actually giving an example of how his forechecking helps Matthews score goals, and Josh Leivo for being a good sport about being cooped up in the attic eating nothing but fish heads.

Happy Family Day, PPP!


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First, there was this hilarious Kiss Cam moment at the Sharks game... I love how the woman clearly anticipated this happening and had her phone ready. Remind me to have something like that the next time I’m at a game with my sister.

It’s doubly good because it represents only the second time in the history of the Kiss Cam that it didn’t completely suck or make things awkward for two unfortunate people.

Meanwhile, the Flyers and Rangers had one of the more entertaining games of the year. They had 11 goals total, six in the first period alone, with two fights (one including Gostisbehere!) and a hurt goalie.

Garrett Sparks and Roman Polak to the Flyers for Wayne Simmonds. Done! (sorry Annie...)

In other breaking news, Connor McDavid is good at hockey, scoring a hat trick against the Avs including a no-scope snipe.

After taking a day, Devante Smith-Pelly spoke about about the racist harassment he faced from Chicago Blackhawks fans. Wayne Simmonds, who is no stranger to dealing with racist fans after having London, Ontario fans throw a banana at him, also spoke out about it on Twitter.

It’ll be nice if we can ever get to a world where men and women of all races, sexual orientations, gender identities, and religious beliefs can just play a fucking sport they like without assholes going out of their way to make them feel bad for it.

Have a good Monday off to all the Ontarians, and a neener neener to everyone who has to work!


If Lou is the Father, and Matthews the son... who’s the Holy Ghost?

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  • 17%
    Reimer! Forever in our hearts...
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  • 53%
    Phil! Who died for our sins...
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  • 2%
    Ghost Bear! I mean it’s half his name...
    (5 votes)
  • 26%
    Josh Leivo! I mean, I has anyone actually SEEN him recently?
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