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Monday’s FTB: BuffaLOL comes to town

Good god Buffalo is awful. How are they so awful AGAIN?

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Detroit Red Wings v Toronto Maple Leafs

Serious question... what franchise has been more embarrassing over the last decade? We love to make fun of Edmonton for getting so many number 1 picks and only making the playoffs once (last year). But Buffalo... just how? They tanked as a historically bad team trying to get McDavid and they’ve been very bad ever since. They were trying to be GOOD this year, and they’re almost as bad as the year they were trying to be historically bad!

Like the Leafs were bad, but they at least managed to build a team with JVR, Bozak, Kadri, Rielly, and Gardiner and had already drafted Brown and Johnsson. Because they were bad they were able to draft Auston Matthews, William Nylander, Mitch Marner, Travis Dermott, and trade for Kapanen, Andersen, and Carrick and so on.

Buffalo was bad but they kept NO ONE who could help make a respectable team. Everyone else was traded away, but aside from Ryan O’Reilly and Evander Kane (who they already traded away) they haven’t acquired any picks or prospects that have turned into anything. Not yet, at least.

Never change BuffaLOL.


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In Marlies news, Pierre Engvall got his first AHL goal last night. That gives him points in two straight games since coming to North America.


This Connor McDavid gif from Saturday but it brings up a question Fulemin was asking... how many teams have a WORSE group of wingers than Edmonton? Maybe only Buffalo? I’d take Arizona’s ahead of the Oilers.

And if you’re wondering how that could possibly happen given all those high draft picks Edmonton has accumulated, well...

Chiarelli has traded away Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle for Adam Larsson and Ryan Strome. But he had to trade them because they were going to be up against the cap with how much money he gave to Milan Lucic!

TL;DR of this FTB: BuffaLOL + OiLOLers =

Have a happy Monday everyone!


If Mike Babcock and Josh Leivo were both with the Buffalo Sabres or Edmonton Oilers right now, would Leivo still get benched?

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    Don’t be ridiculous have you SEEN how bad their wingers are??
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  • 32%
    Of course he would, why would Babcock give playing time to the guy who ran over his dog!
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