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Monday’s FTB: Highlights from the NHL’s first week

After five days and three Maple Leafs games, what stands out the most?

Toronto Maple Leafs fall to the Montreal Canadiens 6-5 in a shootout Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Well, we’ve finished the first week of the NHL season and what has excited us so far?

Auston Matthews has scored five goals and is the league leader.

We found out that rookie forward Ilya Mikheyev enjoys soup.

The Leafs put on convincing wins against the Senators and Blue Jackets, and were pretty good against the Canadiens until they blew a four goal lead and lost in a shootout.

The Tampa Bay Lightning went an entire period without a shot.

Somehow that game went to overtime.

Anthony Mantha had a four goal game.

The Winnipeg Jets* continue to sink to Atlanta Thrashers level of suck

Finally, the Maple Leafs named John Tavares captain.

Now, the news.

There’s a new, meaner than ever, episode of Back to Excited.

The Toronto Marlies won their season opener.

A check in on the European prospects.

A new take on the Leafs game in Columbus.

Sportsnet took a look at Leafs second in command, Morgan Rielly.

Finally, drink lots of water before reading this because it’s going to shoot you past your daily salt intake.

Jack Todd wet his pants with rage that broadcasters would rather make money than show a less popular team.

Have a good day everyone!