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FTB: Did the Maple Leafs contract failureitis from the Oilers?

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It’s been all down hill since the Leafs played the franchise that has been all down hill for years.

Toronto Maple Leafs v Edmonton Oilers Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

You may have noticed that the Maple Leafs aren’t having a great stretch of games in the past two weeks. Despite the team looking better on the ice last night, they still lost.

I see that it all went downhill after their trip to Edmonton on March 9th. That’s when not only the loses started to pile up, but everyone started getting some mystery ailment. What if the Oilers failureitis is contagious, and the Leafs caught some of it? Are they doomed? Is this the end for our beloved young heroes? Is all hope of a Stanley Cup lost?

Probably not.

And the Leafs can prove that with a good thrashing of the Sabres tonight.


Katya came up with an explanation for the Leafs woes that wasn’t a made up disease.

What’s wrong with the Leafs? - Katya
How did we get here, and what’s the pathway out?

Other News

The Oilers still can’t win, but Milan Lucic can sure be a sore loser.

Mike Hoffman forgot how this whole game of hockey thing works.

This is it for the news, today. It feels like most of the league is coasting through these last nine or ten games until the playoffs start. There will be a slew of eliminations and clinchings by the end of this week. Only the Wild Card spots are still up in the air. The Canadiens are one point under the Blue Jackets, and the Wild are one under the Coyotes. Beyond those races, don’t expect much to happen until the real fun begins with the playoffs in April.