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Saturday’s FTB: I dunno, links and stuff?

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It’s the weekend, the Oilers are the opponent tonight, keep your expectations low

Salo stops Renberg and Reichel
Name those players!
Photo By Dave Sandford/Getty Images/NHLI

Good morning!

It’s the weekend, and for those of you in Ontario it’s the start of March break. Nine days of the children running around the house as the walls close in on you and you pray it’s already Friday.

The Maple Leafs are in Edmonton tonight and are flexing their muscles to force the Oilers to play at 5PM local time so the game starts at a decent time in Toronto.

There’s not a lot going on until then, so I’ll see everyone at 11 for the preview.

And now, the news:

The Toronto Furies turned their five-game winning streak into six last night.

As long as they score more goals than their opponent, I’m fine with them.

He’s really cheering hard for Flint to go on a hot streak to end the season so Kingston finishes last.

It’s true. The Science Museum just re-opened its observatory!

#1 - No one does offer sheets

The Maple Leafs ended their three day signing streak, but Vegas picked up the slack

That is.....not good.

They aren’t all terrible.

Let’s end things on a positive note. Enjoy your Saturday!