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Monday's FTB: Game five tonight, game seven Wednesday

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The Raptors are ready to win the title while the Blues blew it.

Raptors Fans Gather At ‘Jurassic Park’ In Toronto To Watch Their Team’s First NBA Finals Series Photo by Cole Burston/Getty Images

Good morning everybody except Boston Bruons fans.

Last night the St. Louis Blues had the chance to win the Stanley Cup on home ice but ended up losing 5-1 to the bastards from Boston.

The Bruins are now 25-1 when Brad Marchand scores in a game so the Blues known what they need to do:

In better news, the Toronto Raptors have the chance to win their first ever NBA title tonight. Arenas and town squares all across the country are hosting watch parties to see a Toronto team take an American title for the first time since the Blue Jays took their second World Series championship in 1993.

In Maple Leafs news, nothing's happened. They're letting the Raptors have their time in the sun. Here are some links to fill the long day before tip off.

There’s like, nothing going on at all. In case you missed it over the weekend, the Charlotte Checkers won the Calder Cup.

Northern Ireland’s Rory McIlroy won the Canadian Open, and donned a Toronto Raptors jersey to celebrate.

Last Word on Hockey wants to keep Nazem Kadri on the Leafs

I would feel incredibly sad if this occurred.

Hey, here’s something stupid.

Argue about that.

See you in the GDT tonight!