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Mondays FTB: High scoring games are fun though, right?

I miss Bobrovsky...

NHL: JAN 12 Maple Leafs at Panthers Photo by Douglas Jones/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Oh boy, did we have a game last night Toronto Maple Leafs fans...

Sunrise, Florida is not a great place to play hockey, eh?

Just ahead of this game I was thinking back to the last time the Leafs had a couple of days off before playing the Panthers - a 7-2 loss for the Buds.

Perhaps Florida is an opponent best played on day two of a back to back...

Let’s stop dwelling on the issue and just get to the links, eh?

No, no, I said move on.

Ah, there we go. A podcast recorded before the game.

Hockey Novice in Canada talks about...well, it relates to the game last night. Sorry.

It’s not good, folks.

Hopefully they’re listening to the Leafs.

Just a month or so after firing the head coach, the GM gets the can. Apparently ownership doesn’t want to rebuild...?

Finally, the NHL All-Star game continues to be tweaked, this time it won’t just be about the NHL All-Stars...

Enjoy your day folks!