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Monday’s FTB: Welcome to the weirdest Top 25

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When this all started way back when, no one could have expected the year we’d have.

2019 NHL Draft - Round 2-7 Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images

Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

It’s the start of week one of the 2020 Top 25 Maple Leafs under 25 and what a list we have for you! Eight years ago when this all started it was fairly simple. List the Maple Leafs players/prospects under 25 and have people vote. The size of the voting list grew and shrunk, some of us were just wee commenters back then, and there were always odd choices:

If you missed out on all the announcements last week let me summarize it for you:

First we laird out all the players who were eligible:

Then, we held the community vote (now closed) and had the official vote:

Last week we revealed the players who no one liked, and those who got a couple votes here and there:

Some of us made pitches to support the players that were left off the list:

Now we’re here, ready to reveal who is #25 on the list later today.

While we were busy doing that, some others made some news:

Connor Brown poke about being traded to the Ottawa Senators:

Sportsnet put out a highlight package of Auston Matthews, which, thank you I forgot how good he looked out there.

Patrick Marleau has only good things to say about Mitch Marner:

Yesterday was the two year anniversary of the Toronto Marlies winning the Calder Cup:

Did the Maple Leafs ever ice a full line up?

Youppi! Was entered into the Mascot Hall of Fame for his work with the Expos and Canadiens:

Some background work needs to be done for players who are on their way back:

I really hope they don’t use fake crowd noises on TV. Lemma hear those swears! Or, do what AEW did for crowd-less wrestling and get teams who aren’t on the ice to heckle the ones who are.

Finally, Edmonton is handling the fact that no one wants to go there just fine.