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Tuesday’s FTB: No soap operas, just hockey

Today on As the Puck Turns....

NHL: New York Rangers at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans! The 2021 NHL season continues with the Toronto Maple Leafs on top of the North Division, and nothing too dramatic to get in the way of some good old hockey games. The NHL: No Soap Operas, just hockey.

There isn’t much news from Leafs land, as the team had a couple days off and we’re in the middle of a four day break. Let’s take a look at some of the completely undramatic news from around the NHL:

Yep, just typical no-nonsense news from the New York Rangers.

The Penguins are keeping their heads down and just playing hockey.

The Ottawa Senators keep out of the spotlight.

Finally, the NHL is doing it’s best and things are looking up!

You see fans, we have a straight running no bull sports league. Now, how about those Maple Leafs?

Oh god dammit Nylander.

Better to be up with the team and practicing than in AHL limbo, right?

Speaking of:

No approval for 2/5 of the Canadian Division teams? Okay, they only said the NHL has no soap operas.

Last night was the night of high scoring. Three of four games had 7+ goals scored - the Rangers beating the Penguins 3-1 was the only exception. I guess they saved their drama for of the ice.

The Bruins beat down the Capitals 5-3, but Zdeno Chara scored against his old team.

The Lightning continued running roughshod over the division with a 5-2 in over the Predators.

The Montreal Canadiens, ugh, just dominated the Canucks 6-2.

And the Flames beat the Jets* in a shootout, as two non-playoff teams fight to not be the buffer between them and the Senators.

Tonight the Maple Leafs are not playing, so go fiddle with your hobbies or something.

Have a good one, folks!