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May 5th FTB: AHL teams are relocating

Utica to Abbotsford and Binghamton to Utica. That’s it. For now.

San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm in Palm Springs, California Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images

Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans! The Leafs are first in the division, we only have four games left, what could be better?

The biggest news from yesterday, was the announcement that the Vancouver Canucks were moving their AHL affiliate - the Utica Comets - from upstate New York to Abbotsford, BC. This will bring the Canucks prospects to the same time zone as the parent club, which is the trend over the past few years. Abbotsford was the former home to the Calgary Flames affiliate (Abbotsford Heat) from 2009-2014, before moving to New York and becoming the Adirondack Flames and introducing us all to Scorch.

The Canucks move will not leave the fans in Utica without some AHL hockey, as the New Jersey Devils are looking to move their AHL team from Binghamton to Utica.

There’s some division shuffling for next season on the way AHL fans, but so far Binghamton is the place without a franchise.

In other news...

The Leafs lost the game and the Foligno:

Also, a special post-move mid-week Back to Excited!

Centre of Leafs nation has a new podcast up with Sportsnet’s Justin Bourne

I want to make fun of it somehow, but it is a good move by Lucic for the team.

Bad news for the Capitals ahead of the playoffs.

The Rangers are losing players all over the place.

This is great, I love it. Even the Sabres winning part.

Oh, uh, and there was something else, something I was supposed to tip-toe around...something everyone was talking about.

Ah, it’s not important.

Have a great day everyone!