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From The Branches

FTB: Marlies call up two promising young defensemen

And a really sick goal from K’Andre Miller.

Monday’s FTB: Four games in six days without your backup goalie

Right after his return to the Leafs, he leaves inured again.

Sunday FTB: Checking in on some baby Leafs

Did you expect something profound or in depth, on a Sunday?!

Saturday FTB: Here come the Bruins

It’s been a while. I can’t say I missed them.

FTB: Never split up William Nylander and Auston Matthews again

Don’t do it, Sheldon.

Thursday’s FTB: Can Eichel just get traded already?

Enough of this drama! Give us trades!

FTB: where did Travis Dermott go last night?

And how did his replacement fare?

Tuesday’s FTB: What did you know, and when did you know it?

And why is Watergate coming to mind so readily lately?

Monday’s FTB: A roster shuffle before the schedule from hell

It’s a big week for the Maple Leafs, and there are reportedly some lineup changes.

Sunday FTB: Eichel trade imminent

Eichel trade talks are heating up and a trade is apparently close

FTB: The Red Wings arrive

They have improved since the last time the Maple Leafs saw them.

Fridays FTB: It’s not the crime, it’s the coverup

More heads roll in the Chicago cover up scandal.

Thursday’s FTB: The “WOO” to save the season?

I want this game to be the turning point of the year.

FTB: good and bad news for Leafs prospects in Russia

and yes, what happened with the Chicago investigation.

[Tuesday’s FTB] Stormclouds

The Hurricanes blow the Leafs away, and your daily dose of links

Monday's FTB: I got nothing.

I usually try to stay optimistic, but man...

Sunday’s FTB: What happens after you’ve tried everything and none of it works?

When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.

Saturday FTB: Leafs experiencing playoff hangover

The Leafs haven’t looked like a juggernaut yet this year

Friday’s FTB: More Finns more wins?

It is at least the secret to defeating the Habs, but the Maple Leafs don’t have any.

FTB: Lightning can exploit cap tricks by last year’s Leafs

And who can they get?

Wednesday’s FTB: Did the Leafs finally price themselves too high?

They haven’t sold out a game yet. Has the greed gone too far?

Tuesday’s FTB: Let’s close the border again

Leafs lose to their first American opponent in months, face the Sharks next.

FTB: Finally, a new opponent for the Maple Leafs

The Rangers are in town for the first visit from a U.S. team to Toronto in a long time.

FTB: Leafs depth defense discussions with Sandin, Dermott, and Liljegren

Where do things stand after one game?

Saturday FTB: Defensemen are cashing in

Want to make millions of dollars? Be a pretty good defenseman in the NHL

FTB: Michael Hutchinson always finds his way home

Seattle Kraken win first game in franchise history.

Thursday’s FTB: Game one win

The Leafs are off to Ottawa to play again tonight.

Tuesday’s FTB: Welcome to the season

The 2021-22 NHL kicks off tonight with two games, but the important one is tomorrow.

Thanksgiving FTB: The pre-season is over, get ready for real Leafs hockey

Ilya Mikheyev’s unexpected injury throws a wrench into the Leafs carefully considered roster plans.

[Saturday FTB] Please and thank you

We welcome the long weekend with some hockey news links.

Friday’s FTB: Olympic qualifying tournament gets underway

Who’s interested in some competitive hockey this weekend?

FTB: Alex Galchenyuk signs NHL contract, Nikita Gusev cut

Meanwhile the Leafs cut five more to the Marlies.


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