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From The Branches

FTB: Trades continue!

Keep them coming guys. Don't save anything for the deadline shows!

Wednesday’s FTB: Ryan O’Reilly’s big night in Buffalo

All the hats in Buffalo were thrown on the ice for the Leafs and Ryan O’Reilly.

FTB: Maple Leafs head to their home away from home


Family Day FTB: Another Leafs loss to the worst in the league

Why can’t they defeat the teams in the NHL’s basement?

Weekend FTB: Matthew Knies is getting ready

And other Young Guns news

FTB: Thank You PPPers!

The generosity of our community has been really amazing to see

FTB: Ducks lose a prospect, ICE on the move?

Some news to start a conversation.

Wednesday’s FTB: Schools are out for the Marlies

The Marlies are part of a balanced breakfast.

FTB: All the big trades are not happening in Toronto


Sunday’s FTB: I liked it better when the Leafs beat Columbus

But it’s OK since this game wasn’t in Columbus, and it wasn’t in November, so it didn’t matter.

Saturday FTB: John Tory has resigned, how does this affect the Leafs?

Mayors, they’re just like us.

FTB: A trade happens, but not for Toronto


FTB: Maple Leafs Trade Deadline shortlist (for now)

The Leafs plan to spend all the cap space they got

FTB: Junior teams on the move

A OHL team is on its way out of town, will a Q team be far behind?

Sunday FTB: So you guys like All-Star Game stuff?

There was an All-Star Game, and next year it will be in Toronto

Friday FTB: Leafs got their one promised All-Star representative

It’s always important to include the little guys

FTB: A collection of things that are unrelated

Good morning. Talk about this stuff.

Wednesday FTB: what is the trade cost for Timo Meier?

Boston wants a defenseman

Tuesday’s FTB: A trade shakes up a sleepy week for the NHL

Lou is at it again!

FTB: The All Star Break approaches

Like the shark in Jaws, it's slowly making it's way towards us.

Sunday FTB: Trade targets that haven’t been mentioned

We’ve heard all the obvious names, but what about the unobvious?

Saturday’s FTB: Magical Murray Mystery Injury

There’s no timeline, and no details, only that something is once again keeping Matt Murray from playing.

FTB: No Leafs tomorrow. Leafs tonight.

We have our Saturday free! How will we waste this time?

FTB: Happy Birthday Wayne

...back in my day...

FTB: Joseph Woll takes first loss after incredible win streak

Joe Woll’s eleven game winning streak for the Toronto Marlies comes to an end against the Abbotsford Canucks.

Tuesday FTB: Bob’s midseason draft ranking for 2023

What should the Leafs do with their 1st round pick?

Monday FTB: Return of Leafsman

Don’t expect high effort stuff

FTB: Foretelling the Future is Futile

Fishing in the ad stream for funds is for fools.

FTB: I'm sick so don't get your hopes up

Curse every virus known to mankind.

Thursday FTB: Back in Action Against the Jets

The Leafs beat Paul Maurice and the Panthers on Tuesday, can they do it to Maurice’s ex-team tonight?

FTB: Bruce Boudreau deserves better

The Vancouver Canucks should be ashamed of themselves. Again.

Tuesday FTB: Maple Leafs have lost ground on their rivals

It’s been a bad week for the Leafs, but the sky is not falling


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