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Game Day Open Threads

GDT: Leafs @ Penguins

It’s the third match against the Penguins in three weeks. They won the first two.

GDT: Leafs @ Wild in the afternoon

It’s a Black Friday matinee game!

GDT: double date with the Devils

The Devils franchise record is on the line

GDT: John Tavares plays 300th game with Maple Leafs

Johnny’s always Johnny

GDT: Sabres slide into town while the Leafs go reverse retro

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

GDT: Maple Leafs look to end Devils win streak

The Leafs look to keep their streak alive while ending a much bigger one.

GDT: Matt Murray restarts with Leafs against his old team

Here we go again *clenches*

GDT: Leafs Face Canucks on the Second Night of a Back to Back

The Leafs got a SEGABABA win last weekend. Can they get another tonight?

GDT: Leafs vs. Penguins at the Hall of Fame game

Tonight is the annual Hall of Fame game honouring the new inductees and giving a nod to Börje Salming.

GDT: Leafs face league leaders Vegas

Keefe continues to hold his best lineup in his pocket until he wants to win the game

GDT: Petruzzelli signed, Samsonov on IR against Hurricanes

and the Leafs make one change to their lineup

GDT: Boo-Boo Bruins are in town

And Mitchell Miller steals the picnic basket

GDT: are the Flyers the perfect opponent?

Why can’t more people be like Willy and say nothing

GDT: California trip comes to an end

What a lousy trip it’s been.

GDT: can the Maple Leafs care enough to win this game?

Playing the Bieber game surely counts for something with these guys, right?

Recap: Leafs lose to Sharks well after dark

Leafs come back from a two goal deficit, but still lose in overtime.

GDT: Maple Leafs swim with the Sharks

Should the Leafs win this game? Yes. Will they? Who knows.

PPP After Dark: Leafs vs. Golden Knights

The Leafs are down in the south-west US for four games.

GDT: Leafs vs. Jets on HNIC

The Leafs begin a long road trip tonight in a place accessible only by crossing the land.

GDT: Who will shine, the stars or the Stars?

All eyes on the stars tonight

GDT: Hometown team on home ice

A piece of Auston Matthews home comes to Toronto

GDT: Leafs vs. Senators on HNIC

A new chapter in the Battle of the 401 starts tonight as the Leafs face the Senators.

GDT: Home Opener vs Washington

Win this one! Please!

GDT: Game Number One

And so, it begins.

GDT: Leafs vs. Red Wings

It’s the last game of the preseason.

GDT: Maple Leafs @ Red Wings

Don’t worry if they cast ink, it doesn’t actually do anything, oh wait, it might give you a broadcast blackout.

Gameday: Maple Leafs @ Canadiens

This is very close to an NHL game.

Gameday: Preview and Chat for Leafs at Sens

Would you go to Belleville to watch a hockey game, though?

Gameday: Maple Leafs host the Canadiens

It was bound to happen. The Habs are here.

Toronto vs Ottawa preseason doubleheader: Preview and GDT

Two games at 1pm and 7pm today.

Round one chat & watch

It's not a game day but hangout here anyway.

Gameday: No lineup changes for Leafs in Game 6

But expect Nylander to play with Tavares.