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Maple Leafs Game Previews

Game Preview: Maple Leafs vs Canadiens

The new guys make their debuts as the Marlies goalies take over the net.

GDT: Maple Leafs get to try out the college arena in Arizona

Go small or go home! It’s a game at the home of the Arizona State Sun Devils

Maple Leafs @ Penguins — Matt Murray’s revenge

We’ll find out tonight if that’s a good movie idea or a bad one.

Preview: Canucks at Maple Leafs

The game after the game on the night before. We should come up with an acronym for that.

Preview: Maple Leafs vs. Penguins at the Hall of Fame game

Tonight is the annual Hall of Fame game honouring the new inductees and giving a nod to Börje Salming.

Preview: Maple Leafs host Vegas

What happens in Toronto never stays in Toronto, you ever notice that?

Preview: Maple Leafs @ Hurricanes

This game is at 5pm

Preview: Boston visits Toronto

We’re always so happy to see the Bruins.

Preview: Maple Leafs vs. Flyers

It’s November, so the games matter now.

Preview: Toronto vs Anaheim

The Leafs can’t duck out of the last game on this doomed road trip.

Preview: Maple Leafs at Kings

Can they win this game?

Maple Leafs at Vegas Golden Knights

Have a nap, set your alarm and stay up late for this one.

Preview: Maple Leafs vs Jets

A western-ish road game.

Preview: Stars @ Maple Leafs

Jason vs Nick 2.0

Preview: Coyotes at Maple Leafs

It should be a howler. Get it... howler, coyotes... no?

Preview: The Senators are in town, but Matt Murray might not be here to meet them

HNIC is back, and the Leafs suddenly don’t have enough goalies. Everything is back to normal.

Preview: Capitals @ Maple Leafs

Let’s try that again.

Preview: Maple Leafs @ Canadiens

Healthy Optimism? Okay fine, just optimism.

Preview: Red Wings at Maple Leafs

The last, most serious preseason game is tonight.

Gameday: Maple Leafs @ Red Wings

Wayne and his very large family of kids are in Detroit tonight.

Gameday: Maple Leafs @ Canadiens

This is very close to an NHL game.

Gameday: Preview and Chat for Leafs at Sens

Would you go to Belleville to watch a hockey game, though?

Gameday: Maple Leafs host the Canadiens

It was bound to happen. The Habs are here.

Toronto vs Ottawa preseason doubleheader: Preview and GDT

Two games at 1pm and 7pm today.

Game day: Game Seven

Okay. It's just a game.

Gameday: Maple Leafs host Lightning in Game 5

Sheldon Keefe brings back his favourite lineup.

Playoff Game Day #4: Time to set up a series win at home

Time for the win-loss pattern to end.

Playoff Game Day #3: Now it’s a best of five

The Leafs head to Tampa Bay to restart the series.

Playoff Game Day #2: Will the Lightning show up?

I hope everyone stayed away from the gas station sushi today.

Playoff Game Day #1: Hope and fear begins here

It all starts at 7:30PM

Gameday: Maple Leafs vs. Bruins in Toronto

It’s the final game of the regular season, and there’s still something to be decided.

Gameday: Maple Leafs host the Red Wings

The point is one point, that’s it. Oh, and NRob!


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