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Maple Leafs Game Previews

Maple Leafs Preseason Preview: Montréal is Back

Well, some of them are, anyway.

Game #6 Preview: It’s time for the Leafs to wrap up this series

A game #7 is not an option. The Leafs need to end this. Tonight.

Leafs vs Habs Game 5 Preview: Tavares’ next steps and the lineup

Let’s end this thing.

Updated with the starter: Leafs vs Habs Game 4 Preview

Twenty-Four hours after taking a 2-1 lead, the Leafs look to take a strangle-hold on the series.

Leafs vs. Habs Game 2 Preview: Comeback Time

After a devastating start to the series, Toronto looks to rally tonight.

Game 56: Maple Leafs vs Jets

Once more into Manitoba.

Leafs vs. Senators Preview: It’s Frederik Andersen time!

For the first time in a while, Freddie gets the starter’s net

Preview: Maple Leafs vs Canadiens in their final regular season series

It’s Habs week in Toronto.

Preview: Leafs host the Canucks for their last two matches of the season

It’s Canucks time again.

Leafs vs. Canadiens Preview: If Caufield doesn’t play I’ll have to rewrite like half of this

Did you hear that they have Cole Caufield?

Nick Foligno starts out on top as the Leafs face the Jets for two games

Top-line Nick and other changes to the lineup should make for an interesting game.

Maple Leafs vs Jets* preview: No Auston Matthews tonight

The season winds down and we’re getting more Jets* than we can handle.

Maple Leafs face the Flames one last time

Are they going to do it with the Flames’ former backup goalie?

Update: Nick Robertson to play?

It’s go time!

Preview: Leafs vs. Senators

One month to go until the playoffs are scheduled to begin.

Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Montreal Canadiens preview: Kickin’ it Next Gen

It’s Mitch Marner time!

Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Calgary Flames preview: Coolin’ Tkachuks

Two-game series to cool the flames

Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Edmonton Oilers Preview: Do What You Did Last Time

The Leafs host the Oilers for a two-game set.

Preview: Maple Leafs vist the Senators — what could possibly go wrong?

Just win this one.

Preview: Maple Leafs with a new lineup vs Flames back-to-back

Which Maple Leafs will appear to face the Darryl Sutter Flames?

Preview: The Maple Leafs should probably win this game maybe

The Jets* should have been a challenge. Tonight’s game absolutely should not.

Preview: It’s Jets week in Toronto

Maple Leafs play the Jets three times in five days.

Preview: Leafs go west for 3 Games vs the Oilers

Will Auston Matthews play?

Good news today and Leafs v Flames Series 2 preview

Hopefully Matty got a chest protector big enough this time.

Maple Leafs vs Canadiens preview: One and done

After three straight against the Senators, the Leafs take a quick trip to Montreal this weekend.

Toronto Maple Leafs vs Ottawa Senators: 3 games in 4 days

After splitting the first two game set in Ottawa, the Leafs host the Senators for another three games.


Toronto and Montreal have a two-game set for Northern supremacy.

Preview: Leafs vs. Canucks game #2 of 3 in a row

An update on the Leafs vs. Canucks mini-series.

Leafs vs. Canucks game preview

The Canucks and the Leafs meet for the first time this season.

New and Improved Defensive Genius Oilers face the Maple Leafs for 2 Games

Everyone said the last two games were defensive duels, that has to be true, right?

Maple Leafs vs. Flames Preview: Two games of Tkachuk

Back-to-back games with the Calgary Canu - whoops - Flames.

Leafs vs. Oilers two game series preview

Here come the Oilers... for the first of four games this month.


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