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How Does This Affect the Leafs?

About that salary cap increase

Doesn’t it strike you as strange that it’s either $1 million or $4.5 million with no middle ground?

Taxi Squad 2.0: understanding the second iteration of this Covid-era tool

The NHL learned some lessons from the first use of the Taxi Squad.

What the Maple Leafs need to clinch first in the North Division

A lot of stuff can be wrapped up tonight.

Canadiens fire Claude Julien: What does this mean for the Leafs?

Does this help or hurt the Leafs path through the playoffs?

Spengler Cup 2019: Let’s play find the Leafs

The greatest holiday hockey tournament is almost upon us.

To Bridge or not to Bridge, that is the Mitch Marner question

Whether ‘tis nobler to make a compromise we all hate or to have another holdout that lasts even longer this time.

The wonderful world of the Atlantic Division Part 2: Fighting for the top spot

Can the Leafs call themselves number one?

The wonderful world of the Atlantic Division Part 1: No Erik Karlsson or Max Pacioretty

Who are contenders, who are pretenders, and who’s just there?