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Maple Leafs Analysis

Parent hub for Analysis posts. Stats, players, teams, all of it

Toronto Maple Leafs: Who is even on this team?

Goes double for the Marlies.

2021 Top 25 Under 25: Joey Anderson is #14

After a year with the Marlies, can he break onto the crowded Leafs roster?

Maple Leafs sign David Kämpf to a 2-year, $1.5M AAV deal

Another depth forward

Three things the Leafs should take from the Lightning Stanley Cup run

The Tampa Bay Lightning are the Leafs Blueprint.

Why you heff to be mad?

It’s only game!

Leafs win a Rorschach test for fans

There are reasons for optimism and pessimism. Lets go through them.

Winners and Losers from Game 4: an amazing Leafs comeback

Winners and Losers are only for Winners.

Winners and Losers from Game 2: Morgan Rielly is having an elite playoffs

And the goals come in for Auston and JT.

2020 NHL Draft: Looking at 9 potential steals in European junior

Will the Leafs have a future star from Euro leagues fall to them this year?

2020 NHL Draft: Finding 9 potential steals from the WHL and AJHL

Come for Carter Savoie, stay for Tristen Robins.

2020 NHL Draft: Looking at 8 potential steals in the OHL

Can the Leafs find another Nick Robertson who will fall in their laps?

2020 NHL Draft: 15 interesting players who went undrafted last year

We have nothing but time ahead of the next draft, why not fall hopelessly in love with long-shot prospects?

Kyle Dubas speaks in post-deadline press conference

Dubas had some pointed remarks if you read through his optimistic PR

It’s Time to Hit the Reset Button on This Season

You don’t have to blow it all up to start preparing for next year

Everything pisses you off when your team is losing

Shit sucks

The True All-Decade Leafs (of my heart)

You cannot talk about the Leafs of the 2010’s without including these players

The Toronto Maple Leafs aren’t fun anymore

I’m mad about Babcock being fired and I’m not fully sure why

Maple Leafs lineup options without John Tavares

Who’s going to play with Marner now?

Toronto Maple Leafs roster breakdown: Goalies

From Freddy Andersen to Maksim Zhukov.

The Complete First Year Of Kyle Dubas

A look at every NHL signing, pick, and trade since Kyle Dubas took over.

The Glaring Flaw in William Nylander’s Offensive Game

He’s almost complete offensively... but he’s missing the most important part.

Hockey Is Trash... and So Am I: Contract Negotiations in the Cap Era

Is there anything that can suck the fun out of hockey more than contract negotiations during the cap era?

The Leafs’ 5v5 play has caught up to the rest of their game

A long-running criticism of Babcock’s squad may no longer hold

Wayne Simmonds isn’t who you remember him as

Aging and injures have made him a far less attractive option for the Leafs

Who leaves the lineup when Matthews and Nylander return?

The work only gets more complicated for Kyle Dubas and Mike Babcock when William Nylander signs, but that’s a good thing.

Is Morgan Rielly really in the Norris conversation?

Drinking the Kool-Aid.

No, the Leafs don’t have to trade Nylander to save their salary cap

Rival GM’s hate him: how Kyle Dubas can fit Nylander, Matthews and Marner under the cap with this one weird trick!

So you want to trade Nylander for a defenseman...

People who want to trade Nylander say it will help the Leafs get a top defenseman back. Will it?

Evaluating Toronto’s Final Roster Decisions

The Maple Leafs chose wisely with their final roster spots, and four former Marlies will make the jump.

Kyle Dubas Addresses Media at Day 1 of Training Camp

The GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs knows how to throw shade and it’s awesome

John Tavares, Toronto’s New Lines, and the Impact of the Matchup Game

Toronto’s forward depth provides a matchup nightmare for opposing coaches, and one of their high-scoring centres is bound to benefit.

2018 Top 25 Under 25: #22 Dmytro Timashov

This playmaking Swede netted 12 points in 20 games in the Calder Cup playoffs.


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