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Maple Leafs Gameday Previews

Preview: Toronto Maple Leafs Host Ottawa Senators

Please don’t stoop to their level.

Preview: New York Islanders @ Toronto Maple Leafs

The second of three, but who is Sparky the Dragon?

Preview: Toronto Maple Leafs vs Laval Rocket

The Habs new Tank is making their roads even worse

Preview: Maple Leafs vs. Jets

The Jets have bused into town for their once a season visit.

Preview: New Year New Panthers vs Maple Leafs

the Panthers are on a SEGABABAWT

Preview: Maple Leafs face the Bruins

Team two three takes on team one.

Preview: Toronto Maple Leafs @ Detroit Red Wings

It’s the William Nylander Show 2.0

Preview: Nashville Predators @ Toronto Maple Leafs

The Smashville show comes to town, Auston Matthews is out, Bobby McMann is in

Preview: Maple Leafs @ Flyers

Whoa, we’re half way there.

Preview: Maple Leafs host the Red Wings

Maybe they’ll win this one?

Preview: Seattle Kraken come to Toronto

Gio and Järny play their old expansion team

Preview: Maple Leafs host the Blues

Remember when the Blues used to be the anti-Leafs. Where did they go?

Preview: One last game in 2022

Ending the road trip against the dilapidated defending champs.

Preview: Leafs @ Coyotes

Do the Yotes have enough former Leafs to out-score Bunting and Timmins?

Preview: Leafs @ Blues

Tonight is the first of two games in the space of a week between the Leafs and the Blues.

Preview: Afternoon game between Leafs and Flyers

Update: Dryden Hunt will not make his Leafs debut

Preview: Leafs vs. Lightning

Malgin is gone and Järnkrok is back. That means some tweaks to the lines.

Preview: Leafs with power play changes against Capitals

Leafs are banged up on defense, news at 11

Preview: Maple Leafs in New York City

The Rangers are trying to convince everyone (and themselves) they’re a top team now. Are they?

Preview: Maple Leafs host the Ducks

Toronto plays the worst team in the NHL, what could possibly go wrong?

Preview: Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Calgary Flames

Nazem Kadri returns to Toronto

Preview: Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Los Angeles Kings

It’s the King vs the Kings

Preview: Maple Leafs at Dallas Stars

New guys, that one other guy’s brother, but not the other guy’s brother, he’s on IR. The guy, not the brother.

Preview: Maple Leafs vs Lightning

This is not going to be an easy little road trip.

Preview: Leafs vs. Sharks

Are Ilya Samsonov and Conor Timmins in or out of the lineup tonight?

Preview: Maple Leafs @ Red Wings

It’s reverse retro for the Wings. And in a reverse of their recent past, they’re having a good season so far.

Preview: Maple Leafs vs the Penguins

Did Pittsburgh move into the Atlantic or something? Why are we always playing them?

Preview: Toronto Maple Leafs travel to New Jersey

Let’s take this ragtag band of depth defenders and play against the best offence in the NHL.

Preview: New York Islanders @ Toronto Maple Leafs

Game #20 and then we’ve reached the quarter mark... or is that after game #21?

Preview: Maple Leafs host the snowed in Sabres

Hopefully they're all too tired from shoveling to play well.

Preview: New Jersey Devils vs. Toronto Maple Leafs

The Devils ride a wave of brimstone into town.

Game #7 Preview: It’s gut check time for the Leafs

Can the Leafs exorcise recent playoff demons and win their first playoff series in nearly two decades?


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