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Maple Leafs Game Previews

Game #7 Preview: It’s gut check time for the Leafs

Can the Leafs exorcise recent playoff demons and win their first playoff series in nearly two decades?

Leafs @ Habs Game 3 Preview

The Leafs pulled even at home. Can they pull ahead in Montreal?

Toronto Maple Leafs at Vancouver Canucks Preview: Hosts on the Coast

The Leafs head to British Columbia for a two-game set against Elias Pettersson & friends.

Winnipeg Jets @ Toronto Maple Leafs preview: We meet for the first time, not the last time

The Jets jetted in for one game against the Leafs.

Preview: Maple Leafs face the Ottawa Senators in an empty arena

The fact that there are no Senators fans makes sense, but no Leafs fans?!


Will Mr. 101 suit up for the Pens?

Maple Leafs look to end the year with a win

The hurting Maple Leafs travel to Minnesota to win games and do ranch dressing shots.

Game Day Thread: Canadiens vs. Leafs

The Leafs’ real NHL team plays some approximation of the Habs.

Leafs vs. Flyers Preview: Failadelphia

Sorry to Annie for the headline.

Game Preview: Panthers stalk into Toronto

The Leafs aim to get a win against a team with little to play for

Game Preview: Boston Bruins at Toronto Maple Leafs

Michael Hutchinson will get thrown into one of hockey’s biggest rivalries on Saturday night.

Game Preview: Trevor Moore and the Maple Leafs take on the Blue Jackets

The Leafs are 1-1 against Columbus this year, but will have Auston Matthews and William Nylander this time.

Game Preview: Maple Leafs head south as first place is in reach

All that stands in our way is a loser point.

Game preview: Hall of Fame night against the Devils

A travesty of a hall of fame class - No Leafs! - will be honoured ahead of tonight’s game.

Game Preview: From Red Wings to Dead Things

The Maple Leafs fly cross country for game three of the road trip.

Game Preview: The Maple Leafs are thankful the Senators are bad

Pre-season game preview: Toronto Maple Leafs vs Buffalo Sabres

Is this the day we see SDA?

Toronto Maple Leafs game preview: History is on our side

There’s been more good than bad.

Game Preview: Fight for Life

Toronto aims to defend home ice to extend the series to the maximum possible length

Updated: New lines ahead of tonight’s contest reveal the game strategy

The Leafs have their backs to the wall.

UPDATED WITH LINEUP NEWS - Leafs vs. Bruins Game 4 Preview: Comeback Part Two

Toronto plays host and hopefully plays best.

Updated with morning lines: Leafs vs Bruins Game Three, this time it’s personal

After the wicked Bruins gleefully took Leo Komarov out of game two they come to our arena looking to ruin the fans’ fun.

Toronto Maple Leafs game preview: Can the Leafs come back to take game two?

It’s game two and the Maple Leafs need to come back and make a statement without their number two centre.

Toronto Maple Leafs game preview: Lose this one for Taylor

The Leafs are in New Jersey for the final road game of the regular season, and Jersey needs these two points.

Toronto Maple Leafs game preview: Clash of the Canadian playoff teams

The two best teams out of a group of seven are playing each other and national rivalries or stuff like that.

Preview: Maple Leafs @ Islanders

The Leafs are in New York tonight to play another team eliminated from the playoffs.

Toronto Maple Leafs game preview: Game 77 versus the Florida Panthers

Just end already, you stupid season.

Toronto Maple Leafs game preview: Hockeytown vs the Hockey Universe

One team is locked into a million bad contracts and the other is the Maple Leafs.

Leafs vs. Predators Recap: Return of the King

Auston rides again, JVR and Marner rock the powerplay, and the Leafs beat Nashville 5-2.

Toronto Maple Leafs preview: Nashville hot Predators is on the menu

See, because the Predators are in first place, and hot chicken is a popular dish and...oh whatever.

[Updated Lines] Game Preview: Montreal Canadiens vs Toronto Maple Leafs

Two teams having vastly different seasons meet up again

Toronto Maple Leafs game preview: I thought the season was over...

Turns out it still has another....month to go? Aw man.


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