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Maple Leafs Game Recaps

Maple Leafs take pity on Senators, give them a win.

It's always nice to do something good for the less fortunate.

Maple Leafs fail to blow out a bottom feeder: Part 479

It's just sad, guys.

Recap: Matthews, Samsonov Come up Big as Leafs Take Down Jets*

The Leafs weren’t at their best all game, but some great performances got them through with a 4-1 win

Game Recap: Everything, Everywhere, All at once

I don’t know what this was.

Recap: Maple Leafs and Bruins play off — Boston with the win

A very close game goes to the home team.

Recap: Leafs Play Lifelessly and Lose to Red Wings

The SEGABABA curse reared its ugly head once again and condemned the Leafs to a bad, boring game

Recap: Leafs beat the Predators in the last minutes

Matt Murray was player of the game for the Leafs in my book, though.

Recap: Leafs beat the Flyers with a lot of goals — a couple are milestones

Once again, the Flyers live down to their billing as a team that just doesn’t have anything much going on this season.

Recap: Toronto defeats Detroit

Sometimes you need a do over on resolutions

Recap: Cephalopods suck out worst Leafs loss of the season

At least another Maple Leafs game was on at the same time

Leafs play catch up to the Blues all night, fall in a shootout

It wasn’t a pretty game, but if you like goals it was just right for you.

Recap: Maple Leafs beat the Avalanche with a lot of goals and Matt Murray

Leafs chased their starter and weathered the storm of the Avs trying to comeback.

Maple Leafs fade as the game goes on, lose to Coyotes

It wasn’t pretty, but it had it’s moments.

Recap: Maple Leafs get the last laugh on the Blues

Big Willie Styles with the big style goal in overtime.

Recap: Leafs beat the Flyers

By playing in the afternoon, they should just have time to fly out of Pearson by New Year’s Day.

Maple Leafs easily defeat the Lightning

These guys went to the final? They seem to have already gone on vacation.

Recap: Leafs stop Ovi, not Caps

Toronto forgets defensemen are also allowed to score

Recap: Leafs lose to Rangers

All streaks must come to an end

Recap: Ducks @ Maple Leafs

The Leafs Devastate the Anaheim Ducks

Recap: Leafs douse the Flames in overtime

Marner and Nylander with the extinguishers tonight.

Kings pass the crown to Nylander, Marner, Samsonov, and co

Marner hits 21 with an exclamation point.

Recap: Leafs defeat Stars 4-0

The Leafs spent about half the game killing penalties but somehow came through it without getting scored on once.

Leafs in overtime needs an overhaul

Mitch Marner reaches new heights with #19

Maple Leafs extend win streak, Marner extends his point streak as they beat the Sharks

Five wins in a row!

Big Three score early, Murray shuts the door late, Maple Leafs beat Red Wings

Mitch Marner gets #17

Maple Leafs ice the Penguins

Marner keeps on scoring.

Recap: Leafs beat the Wild in a fast-paced afternoon game

The battle of the former Penguins goalies goes to Murray.

Mitch Marner hits 14, New Jersey doesn’t

Refs tell Devils three times to fuhgeddaboudit

Maple Leafs outplay the Islanders and lose in overtime

All the talk about hits and faceoffs, and the SN crew missed the real class of the Islanders until OT rubbed our noses in it.

Recap: Maple Leafs decisively beat the Sabres

This is the game that will launch a thousand Buffalo conspiracy theories.

Maple Leafs can’t stop the Devils, lose in overtime

It’s hard to win when your opponent is much better organized.

Recap: Murray makes many saves, Leafs beat Penguins

Strong performance from the former Pens goalie


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