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Maple Leafs Game Recaps

Recap: Leafs lead, then don’t, then do, then win

It was a roller coaster of emotions.

The difference is goaltending as Canucks beat Leafs

A good night ruined

Maple Leafs disappoint a full arena for the first time, just like old times

What a terrible start to March.

Maple Leafs win it in the third over the Capitals

Rasmus Sandin with the big goal. Justin Holl with a very good game.

Recap: Toronto Maple Leafs score 10, win by 3


Auston Matthews erodes the Wild defence as the Leafs win

Petr Mrázek with a quality win.

Confidence spiraling as Leafs lose three in a row

Leafs lose three in a row for the first time since October

Leafs vs Habs recap: They played badly and lost

This is a good team who just plays awful against the bottom of the standings.

Blues team up with the Leafs for the win

A series of unfortunate events ends in a win for St. Louis.

Jack Campbell leads the way to a Leafs victory over Pittsburgh

What a great game this was.

Maple Leafs fish for a win in Seattle, catch a big one

The Leafs Sock-eyed it to the Kraken, didn’t Flounder at all, and hooked a W on the west coast.

Leafs massively outplay the Canucks, lose the game

I swear I heard, "he fanned on the shot," six times.

Leafs start western road trip with a loss in Calgary

Ondřej Kaše possibly injured again in the Maple Leafs 5-2 loss to the Calgary Flames.

Maple Leafs make multiple comebacks to win in OT

The dirty Canes try to take out the Maple Leafs.

Recap: Maple Leafs score a bushel of goals

The Devils deserve to be blow out like this for what they did to hockey in the 90s.

Leafs turn a strong 3rd into a win over the Devils

Solidly played game by the Devils for the full 60 minutes capped off by a very good performance from Akira Schmid.

Recap: Michael Bunting is a hometown hero

Scarborough was the star of the day today.

Maple Leafs vs John Gibson, and the winner is...

Tiamat, the Mesopotamian God of chaos.

Leafs with a convincing win against the grinding Islanders

They held the most dangerous lead the Leafs can have.

Mikheyev surprises everyone, Leafs win 11 goal affair

Another road win for the Buds

Recap: The Leafs get goalied and lose 2-1 to the Coyotes

The Leafs take their first loss on their US road trip with Karel Vejmelka stopping 46 Leafs shots on goal.

Recap: Nylander redeems the Leafs’ blown lead in the shootout

Another poor effort and a blown lead, but not a loss!

Game 33 Recap: Maple Leafs lose in overtime 5-4

In a measuring stick game, the Leafs blew a 4-1 lead.

William Nylander takes team lead in points as Maple Leafs beat Oilers 4-2

Way to go, Willy!

Maple Leafs just barely beat Chicago after looking like they had it in the bag

Petr Mrázek was not the problem. David Kämpf was an unlikely solution.

Leafs vs Lightning: Speed, offence and turnovers add up to a Leafs loss

The Leafs played well enough to win, except when they didn’t.

Game 27 Recap: Maple Leafs overpower Blue Jackets

Two all-new Leafs made their league debut, how did they do?

Rasmus Sandin leaves the game as the Leafs fall to the Jets

Knee-on-knee, and no penalty. But it was that kind of game.

Leafs lose in shootout after three-goal comeback led by Jason Spezza

Leafs keep up their points streak in Minnesota, travel to Winnipeg tomorrow.

Game 24 Recap: Leafs low-key dominate the Avs for the win

Toronto took advantage of the depleted Avs’ goalie depth

Maple Leafs needed 1 good period to beat the Ducks

Now that that’s over, the Leafs will come home to try to make December as good as November.

Maple Leafs blowout the Kings, win 6-2

That’s what LA deserves for those terrible helmets.


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