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Maple Leafs Stats Analysis

Statistical analysis of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Yes, Auston Matthews Really Is That Good

Matthews scores goals like no one else in the NHL.

The Problem With Those Shiny New Sportsnet Stats

Sportlogiq’s public data, and why it isn’t worth much to us.

All Connor Brown does is score

Score, score, score no matter what \ he’s got goals on his mind, he can never get enough

Toronto Maple Leafs First Term Report Card: The Forwards

A quarter of the way in, let’s evaluate how the season has gone.

Odds and Ends: Looking at Some Leaf Numbers

I went digging. Here are some things I found.

The story the numbers tell in the Leafs’ opening night loss

Beyond #34 and four goals, there were a lot of things counted in Wednesday’s game. The numbers tell a story.

Examining the Distribution of Scoring

What we can learn from examining how scoring is distributed on the player level in the NHL.

Corsi data from the 2016 IIHF World Championships

Is Nikita Zaitsev the best defender on his team? How is Morgan Rielly doing? And don't forget Martin Marincin, his results might surprise you.

Exploring the distributions of shot rates

How shot rates are distributed at the team level, and the relationship between suppression and generation.

The NHL should eliminate offensive zone face-offs

Getting rid of offensive zone face-offs would speed up the game, reward attacking teams, and increase scoring.

Just how bad are the Maple Leafs?

The last-place Leafs are the worst team in the NHL. Right? Because the standing never lie, so they must be. Take a look under the hood at just how bad they really are.

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Is Nazem Kadri shooting too much this season?


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P/60 is your friend

I'll be looking to examine the impacts of even strength time-on-ice (TOI) on even strength points per 60 minutes (P/60).

Morgan Rielly's defensive performance

Morgan Rielly's defensive play so far in his career has not been very good. Is that cause for concern?

Reimer, Bernier, and goalie evaluation

How can we figure out which Leafs goalie is better when their performance fluctuates so much?

Lupul succeeding in checking role under Babcock

Editor's note: Please welcome Katya Knappe as the newest addition to the PPP staff!

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Leafs defencemen and shots against

Charts of Leafs D, arranged by time on ice per game, lowest to highest, with the types of shots they are on the ice defending against.

Simulating Nazem Kadri's 2015-16 season

What can simulating Kadri's goalscoring drought to start the year tell us about the probability of such an event occurring.

Why does Dion Phaneuf take so many penalties?

We take a look at the factors behind Phaneuf's rising penalty totals.

Hockey Analytics Needs More Theory

Player tracking technologies will give NHL teams dozens of new ways to learn about players, but teams will need to figure out what to do with all those numbers.

What can Magic: The Gathering teach hockey?

The world of competitive Magic: The Gathering is governed by the Metagame. What is the Metagame and what does a card game have to do with hockey? Read on and I'll explain. Fair warning though, it's about to get very nerdy.

Stop Score-Adjusting Tiny Samples

Score-adjustments are a useful way of analysing larger sets of shot data, but they shouldn't be used within a single game.

The Effect of Drawing Penalties

We know some players are great (or terrible) at drawing more penalties than they take. Can we put a value on that?

2013-14 First Half Zone Entries For Leafs Forwards

How did the Leafs forward corps do at gaining the zone with possession in 2013-14?

Forwards Exiting The Zone: Whole Lotta Trouble

We're back to zone exits but this time we're looking at the Leafs forwards. What we find next may rock your world.

2013-14 First Half Zone Exits For Leafs Defencemen

Zone exit stats for Toronto Maple Leafs defencemen through the first 46 games of the 2013-14 season.

What's On The Horizon In Hockey Analytics

Why The Eye Test vs. Corsi Might Not Matter

Cody Franson - What's He Really Worth?

Should he be trade bait or locked up long term?

What is dCorsi?

An introduction to dCorsi - a statistical measure of individual possession that attempts to control for context and usage.

Wax On-Ice, Wax Off-Ice

There's a lot to say about this year's Toronto Maple Leafs; much of it was said before the first game and too much of it was said between games.

Randy Carlyle WOWYs

Tracking the development of possession metrics of Toronto Maple Leafs players over the past 3 seasons.

What is Randy Carlyle Costing The Leafs?

He might actually be negating the value of Phil Kessel. Read why.