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Maple Leafs Team Analysis

Why you heff to be bad?

It’s that time of the year again, when the Leafs don’t win every game and the rage against the blue and white blots out the sun.

Last Preseason Practice Report: Interesting Lines

Interesting players in and out of the lineup.

Maple Leafs 20-Game Report: Same as it ever was

You may find yourself watching the Maple Leafs, and you may ask yourself how did I get here.

PD Oh No: The Maple Leafs, Percentages and You

It’ll be fine. Honestly. It’s just randomness.

3 plausible Maple Leafs rosters that fit under the cap

Mixed in is the injury report and some waivers and LTIR refreshers.

Maple Leafs Roster and Cap Space after the Ritchie and Kase Signings

Have the Leafs finished their offseason business, and this is it until training camp?

Maple Leafs Roster as Free Agency is About to Open

There’s a few ???. There’s not much cap space.

The Complete Third Season of Kyle Dubas

A look at the trades, signings, and draft of the Leafs GM, and how they worked out.

Time Is Up

The Leafs’ core has endured through several postseason disappointments. It can’t endure any more.

Leafs over Habs by how much?

Leafs fans will probably not like these odds.

Maple Leafs late season slump: Was it just the goaltending?

One theory says the Leafs have been a great team with terrible goalies. Is that true, or is there a hidden flaw on the team itself?

Trade Deadline Roundtable: How did the Leafs do?

Let’s talk about our feelings!

How different are the Maple Leafs from last year’s team?

Roster changes, and a full year with one coach have made the Leafs over into something very familiar.

North Standings at the halfway point of the season

Halfway for the Leafs, that is. Who else matters?

What we learned from three games vs Alberta teams: Hot goalies are fun

Anytime you can get a Vezina performance out of your backup, you should capitalize on it.

What we learned from the Leafs pummeling the Jets

The no-defence division is easier than the old Pacific Division.

Know Your Maple Leafs

It’s yet to be determined if they will be a friend or an enemy this season.

That AHL player at training camp is not making the team

No, I’m not telling you there’s a chance.

Where are the Maple Leafs?

Wandering country roads in the snow, waiting out quarantine and still in Europe — we track them down for you.

Who has played the most of all the Maple Leafs in 2020?

Not every NHL-contracted player has been idle for much of this year, some have been very busy.

What to expect from the Leafs in a shortened season

They have 56 games to save the world.

Kyle Dubas: Gambler

Rating the risk of the gambles Dubas is taking with the Leafs roster.

Can the Leafs afford Pietrangelo by replacing their depth with cheaper alternatives?

Let’s see if we can make a roster that’s cheaper, not much worse, and leaves enough room for Pietrangelo

Deciding who to trade this season is tougher for the Leafs

Last year, the inefficient cap hits were obvious, but the simple days of cleaning up past mistakes are gone.

The Maple Leafs are up against the salary cap

Just like everyone believes.

Sheldon Keefe’s choice: Play better within the CBJ system or go Maximum Leafs

My head and my heart are at war over how to beat the trapping Blue Jackets.

Revisiting a contrarian take on the Kadri-Barrie trade

Today’s Retro May post is a fresh look back at the Kadri trade.

What If: Cody Franson had re-signed

We’ve long been resigned to him leaving as a UFA, but what if he’d stayed?

Maple Leafs have some puzzle pieces missing in next year’s rosters

The NHLers under contract for next year plus the expiring RFAs are the core of the Leafs and the Marlies. Where is the roster thin?

It’s Time to Hit the Reset Button on This Season

You don’t have to blow it all up to start preparing for next year

Are the Leafs trading for a defender or looking within?

Ceci is out, so is Rielly, so how are the Leafs going to manage their short-, medium- and long-term defence roster?

What it will take to get the Maple Leafs back in a playoff spot

The Leafs lost a lot before the break, so let’s have a look again at how much they have to win to fix this.


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