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NHL Draft

NHL Mock Draft 2022: The Toronto Maple Leafs select Noah Östlund

There’s no way Toronto drafts another small skilled zippy forward right?

2022 NHL Draft Profile: Christian Kyrou

Kyrou is one of the best defensemen in the OHL, but poor skating hurts his draft hype

2022 NHL Draft Profile: Isaiah George

George is a strong skating defenseman with some offensive upside

2022 NHL Draft Profile: Jagger Firkus

He’s small, he’s ginger, he can rip it, and he has an A+ name

2022 NHL Draft Profile: Adam Sýkora

He’s a hard working, skilled winger and the youngest top prospect in this draft

2022 NHL Draft Profile: Sam Rinzel

It’s not often people get excited about a high school prospect

2022 NHL Draft Profile: Denton Mateychuk

He may be a small defensemen, but he has a lot of points and sterling data.

2022 NHL Draft Profile: Owen Pickering

I like Owen Pickering because he experienced the same growing pains I did

2022 NHL Draft Profile: Jiri Kulich

Kulich is an intriguing two-way center with a wicked shot

2022 NHL Draft Profile: Gleb Trikozov

Gleb is my favourite prospect in this draft and he should be yours too

2022 NHL Draft Profile: Pavel Mintyukov

He may not be the top defensemen in this draft, but Mintyukov is tons of fun

2022 NHL Draft Profile: Liam Öhgren

If you want a power winger who can score goals and play a solid all-round game, pray for Öhgren to fall

2022 NHL Draft Profile: Brad Lambert

Will Brad Lambert fall as far as the Maple Leafs’ first round pick?

2022 NHL Draft Profiles: Primer and Resources

A quick primer for this year’s draft profiles, and a list of resources to use.

This stream has:

2022 NHL Draft Profiles

A look at the 2022 NHL entry draft from a Leafs perspective.

2022 NHL Draft: Final Watch List

Talking about the prospects that have interested me the most of late

2022 Draft Watch List: A mid-season look at exciting prospects

Looking at those who may be in the Maple Leafs’ range.

Early 2022 NHL Draft Prospects to Watch

A way too early look at some interesting prospects

Breaking Down the Maple Leafs’ sixth round pick: Ty Voit

Taking a deeper dive into Voit’s history, scouting reports, and as many highlights as I can find

Breaking Down the Maple Leafs’ second round pick: Matthew Knies

Taking a deeper dive into Knies’ history, scouting reports, and a few of his USHL games

2021 Maple Leafs Entry Draft Summary

Three picks later, the prospect pool has slightly increased and Kyle Dubas explains his next steps.

Toronto Maple Leafs select Vyacheslav Peksa 185th overall in the 2021 Entry Draft

The Leafs finish their 2021 draft class with a goalie.

Toronto Maple Leafs select Ty Voit 153rd overall in the 2021 Entry Draft

This OHL prospect is another American.

Toronto Maple Leafs Select Matthew Knies 57th Overall

The newest addition to the prospect pool is in.

2021 NHL Draft day one recap: Trades! Trades! Trades!

NHL GMs went a bit nuts to kick off the NHL draft.

2021 NHL Draft Profiles: The Honourable Mentions

Other prospects that interest me, but I didn’t have time to write full profiles about

2021 NHL Draft Profiles: The Goalies

Looking at various goalies who have caught my interest

2021 NHL Draft Profile: Lukas Gustafsson

Gustafsson may be the most undervalued, unknown prospects in this draft

2021 NHL Draft Order: all seven rounds and where the Leafs pick

Looking at teams with multiple picks as potential trade partners.

2021 NHL Draft Profile: Marcus Almquist

He’s small, he’s Danish, and he can rip it.


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