Yes, today I bring you the obligatory “summer is boring for hockey news” headline. So let’s make our own fun!

Team-27 vs. Team-TB-TOR-NSH-PIT

Last night, Fulemin and Arvind had an interesting idea: make two rosters, one created from the best players on the Maple Leafs, Lightning, Predators, and Penguins; then a second roster created from the best players on the 27 other teams. Then decide which of those two teams would win in a game against each other (treat this like an All-Star game - no salary cap).

Who would be on your rosters for either or both teams? Comment below. That is an order!

We’re still doing a lot of work for you here!

CWHL News: Toronto Furies sign free agent goaltender Elaine Chuli - nafio
The former Vanke Rays starter should be a good fit in Toronto.

Women’s Hockey Wednesday: Review of 2018 offseason CWHL and NWHL news - nafio and Annie
It’s been a long time since the playoffs and we’ve still got a couple months go to til opening day. So what’s happened so far?

We will continue our Top 25 Under 25 series with the number #22 on our professionally ranked list. If you need to catch up, here is who we have so far.

2018 Top 25 Under 25: #25 Pierre Engvall
Top 25 Under 25: #24 The Leafs got a Subban!
2018 Top 25 Under 25: #23 Everybody loves Mason

Other News

San Jose Sharks Announce Additions to Scouting Department -
Ryan Hamilton has been hired to the position of pro scout in the organization.

If the name Ryan Hamilton sounds familiar you might be recalling his tenure as captain of the Marlies several years ago. Here’s a montage of goals in a game where he gets a hat trick. The funnest part is seeing and hearing all those names whom once graced our Top 25 Under 25 and realising how much better it is now.

Belfast Giants Add Kyle Baun And Francis Beauvillier To 2018/19 Team - LoveBelfast
The Belfast Giants are coached by a man with a familiar name: Adam Keefe, Sheldon Keefe’s brother. Kyle Baun came to the Leafs in trade along with Thomas Plekanec and he spent his time on the Marlies, so there is a connection there. He may also be planning the wind-up his hockey career soon as the EIHL is known to offer incentives for players from outside the UK including tuition reimbursement for attendance at Universities in the UK.

Jannik Hansen is reportedly KHL-bound - Nucks Misconduct
The greatest Dane in Canucks history appears to be ending his NHL career.

KeyArena renovation to cost more than originally expected – ProHockeyTalk
[Species: Somehow, taxpayers will wind up subsidizing the extra costs.]

Bettman says league wants cut of gambling action - ESPN
Bettman said those who want to conduct gambling business with NHL assets will need to negotiate, as the league wants a cut of the profits.

Stone and Ottawa Senators 4 Million Apart in Arbitration - Silver Seven
Sens have submitted a $5m position, Mark Stone’s camp submitted $9m.

Which team would be better? The Team-27 NHL All-Stars, or the TB-TOR-NSH-PIT NHL All-Stars

Team TB-TOR-NSH-PIT (which really needs a better name)220