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No Habs No

The No Habs No campaign offers handwritten letters and a cash payout to players who score a game winning goal against the Montreal Canadiens.

Are the Montreal Canadiens really on the verge of flaming out of the playoffs?

Will they suffer a monumental collapse?

Game Preview: Leafs don’t get to eliminate the Canadiens tonight

Alright, it’s the last game of the season. Let’s end it with a win.

The Montreal Canadiens are building with Maple Leafs castoffs

When people said to rebuild like the Leafs, they didn’t mean this...

Helping Out Our Friends In The Atlantic

We want the best for our divisional rivals. Let’s give them ideas!

Three years of losses: Can the Toronto Maple Leafs defeat the Montreal Canadiens ever again?


Can a Subban deal be the new Roy Trade?

I dreamed a dream...

Montreal Canadiens searching for a new coach?

We know just the man for the job.

Leafs Lottery Cheering Guide March 4th, 2015

Leafs fell 2 lottery spots last night.

No Habs No! - Claude Giroux

The No habs No! campaign (Toronto edition) sends a letter to noted Maple Leafs fan Claude Giroux of the Philadelphia Flyers.

No Habs No! - Daniel Briere

The No Habs No! campaign (Toronto Edition) goes bilingual with a letter to the Philadelphia Flyers' Danny Briere for his game winner in game two against the Montreal Canadiens.

No Habs No! - Braydon Coburn

The No Habs No! campaign (Toronto edition) sends a letter to Game One hero Braydon Coburn of the Philadelphia Flyers.

No Habs No! - Sergei Gonchar

The No Habs No! campaign (Toronto Edition) wonders when the computer illiterate Habs fans will figure out that Silver Seven Sens isn't doing this anymore

No Habs No! - Evgeni Malkin

The No Habs No! campaign (Toronto Division) thanks Malkin for his efforts.

No Habs No! - Craig Adams

Catching up on No Habs No! letters from the failed Pittsburgh offensive. First up, Craig Adams.

No Habs No! - Jason Chimera

Jason Chimera is the third recipient of a token of appreciation from the No Habs No! campaign (Toronto Edition)

No Habs No! - Brooks Laich

Brooks Laich is the second recipient of the No Habs No! (Toronto Edition) letter.

No Habs No! - Nicklas Backstrom

The first of the No Habs No! (Toronto Edition) letters is sent to Nicklas Backstrom

The Re-Birth Of A Movement

The No Habs No! Campaign is re-born to motivate the Washington Capitals to victory


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