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Opinion Poll

Trade Prices: Which is the outlier?

Did the Sabres get taken or did Dubas?

Will the Maple Leafs make a big trade?

A temperature check on our expectations ahead of the trade deadline.

How do you like the Leafs goalies now?

It’s time to answer some poll questions.

Should the Leafs trade for Sam Bennett?

A player was healthy scratched, so he must be Toronto bound, right?

Temperature Check: are you hot or cold on the Leafs goalies?

It’s never too early to have goalie opinions.

Aaron Dell and the Maple Leafs opening night roster

Three goalies and 18 skaters are the team for now.

Updated with survey results: Ranking the North Division

The great white north fights it out for four playoff spaces this year.

Update with TSN’s report: NHL could become an all-American league in 2021

You loved the all-Canada division idea, what about this all-USA NHL plan?

Should the Maple Leafs keep the Pittsburgh 1st-round pick?

Simple question: yes or no.

What do you think of hockey with no fans?

Do you miss the people banging on the glass?

Alexis Lafreniere is not a defenceman

Which seems to be a problem for people, even in just imagining him on the Leafs.

Would you trade for Rasmus Ristolainen?

What if I offered you a really sweet deal?