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Orlando Solar Bears

Solar Bears release protected list

Orlando’s list includes 5 veterans, including Denver Manderson, Ethan Werek, retired captain Eric Baier, Taylor Doherty, Trevor Ludwig.

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Solar Bears captain Eric Baier retires

Solar Bears lose leader on and off the ice.

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Solar Bears to face 15 different foes in 2017-2018 Season

The new team in Jacksonville adds to the Florida rivalries.

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Is it the end of the beginning, or the beginning of the end for the Orlando Solar Bears?

The Orlando Magic owns the team again. Last time they did, the IHF folded.

Where are they now? Leafs undrafted camp invites.

What are Tyler Wong, Anthony Brodeur, and Tye Felhaber up to?

Battle of Florida: Line brawl erupts as Solar Bears shut out Everblades

Goalie fight!

Fourth-seed Solar Bears holding off first-seed Everblades to take series lead

Orlando’s ECHL team, under former Maple Leaf Drake Berehowsky, plays a tough, effective game of hockey.

Two Maple Leafs minor league teams clinch: one by losing, one by winning

And a record held by a familiar name fell tonight as well.

Solar Bears holding ground in tight playoff race after Brampton sweep

The Solar Bears finished off their season sweep of Brampton last weekend, but division standings are still tight as the playoffs near

Solar Bears goalie Massa talks about Thursday win, and ECHL vs. AHL

The Solar Bears defeated the Beast 5-3 on Thursday night.

Kasimir Kaskisuo assigned to Toronto

He seems to be flying north for the last few days of March break.

Toronto’s Eric Faille named ECHL player of the week

Awards aren’t just for Maple Leafs rookies.

Remember when the Marlies had too many goalies?

Injuries are causing problems just as they’ve cleared out the excess.

Welcome to Toronto, Brenden Miller, have a goal

The Marlies called up a defender and he has made quite an impression.

Toronto makes deal for Orlando

Defence help has arrived: Alex Gudbranson to the Marles. Alex, not Erik. And he could be destined for the Solar Bears.

Orlando Solar Bears vs Atlanta Gladiators: 13 goals in three periods

I took a vicarious trip south to see how the ECHL goes about things.

Solar Bears midterm report: Interview with Don Money

Pro Hockey News reporter Don Money weighs in on playoff hopes, the return of Coach Drake Berehowsky, and an Alaska trip with only five defensemen.

Tony Cameranesi: Toronto’s ECHL all-star playing in the AHL

Is this the new path to the NHL?

We just give players to the Habs now?

If so, can I submit a list?

Now that Andersen is sorted out, what about the rest of the goalies?

The Leafs have gone from painfully few goaltenders in their system to maybe just the wrong goaltenders.

Thursday’s FTB: Solar Bears sweep Brampton — Again

Kaskisuo holds on for a 5-4 victory in the third game of the series.

Marlies and Solar Bears do another swap

Two players come up to Toronto and one brief visitor is going back to Florida.

Updated: Cason Hohmann is not actually joining the Marlies

One of the most intriguing AHL signings this summer, Hohmann, a Texan, has been recalled.

Leafs recall Josh Leivo and make minor league transactions

First snowfall, and you know what that means: bears flying north for the winter. Wait, is that right?

Sudbury: Berehowsky is new Solar Bears head coach

The Sudbury Wolves have posted a press release that former Orlando head coach Berehowsky is returning to the Solar Bears.

Adam Brooks back to the WHL and other Marlies camp cuts

On their return from their trip to Newfoundland, the Marlies announced camp cuts, and it’s now official that Adam Brooks will go back to junior hockey for another year.

Marlies win again and take the Colemans Cup

Another night, another win by the Marlies over the IceCaps.

Friday's FTB: The return of Brock

The Solar Bears sign a player they traded to Fort Wayne last season.

Saturday's FTB: Solar Bears address their lack of vets

...By signing four players who total 1,481 professional games played.

ECHL playoff realignment will impact the Solar Bears

The ECHL has realigned into four divisions instead of six, with two new teams joining the Solar Bears in the South Division.

Marlies sign Solar Bear alumnus Éric Faille

One way contract? Two way? Marlies have yet to release details.

Toronto Marlies sign Cason Hohmann

The Marlies Cas’d in on a Hockey East champion


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