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Where Am I and What Do I Do Here?

Welcome to the wonderful world of diaries. No, these are not a place to put your sob-filled stories (and as Leaf fans we all have at least a few) but rather they are what makes a SB Nation blog unique.

This is a forum for you, the reader, to delve into the deeper issues in life like "Why can't I have JFJ's job?" or "How come no one likes Antropov?". In short, it's a forum for readers to post their own thoughts. If it's good then you'll find it on the front page...and you'll save me some work. It is a big part of creating a community for Leaf fans so sign up and start writing.

Diary Tips & Rules

Obviously, there are a few ground rules that will help to guide you as you go forward. Thanks to Christy at Winging It In Motown for the guidance.

1) You have to have an account in order to write a diary post. Sign up on the right.

2) Keep the diary posts confined to the Toronto Maple Leafs, the NHL, and hockey. Follow Miss Manners' advice: Don't talk politics or religion.

3) Keep in mind that this site is meant to create a community for Leaf fans. Be courteous and don't insult other readers and especially not me. Do not post or link to any adult content and try to keep the swearing to a minimum (0 if possible but God knows what my reaction will be if Kerry Fraser refs a Leafs game).

4) I'll do my best to keep on top of other sites and blogs that write about the Leafs in my quest to highlight the best writing available. However, do not use the diary posts as a way to advertise. If you do have a blog/website, feel free to link to it at the bottom of your post. However, your post should have a purpose other than that of promoting your website.

5) Try to make your diary posts around 250 words. But remember, it's quality not quantity so just use that as a guideline.

6) Share - I want to generate as many viewpoints as possible so try to limit yourselves to no more than two diaries a day.

If everyone follows these rules then it should help keep a healthy discussion going. If you have trouble keeping to the guidelines then I'll have to discipline you and not in the your-safe-word-is-banana kind of way. I would hate to have to remove or block a fellow Leaf fan's account.

Tips for writing

1) Try to refrain from just reporting facts or quotes. We want to hear your opinion so please share it with us. Don't be afraid to go against the grain.

2) Be creative! Post in whatever style crosses your mind. Reach for the stars and maybe you'll end up on the front page.

3) Diaries allow you to use some basic HTML code. Here is some basic code [note: remove any ---- you see]

Bold = <-b->Text you want bolded<-/--b-->

Italics = <-i->Text you want italicized<-/--i-->

Underline = <-u->Text you want underlined<-/--u-->

Link = <-a href="URL of website">Text you want pointing towards the link<-/--a-->

Blockquote = <-blockquote->Quote or text you want in the blockquote.<-/--blockquote--> Be sure to hand out the requisite glove taps to recognize where you got the information from by linking to the article or blog post!

Photos = <-img src="URL of photo"> Be sure to properly cite where you got the photo.

4) To go to the next line in your post, just hit enter. If you want a blank line in between paragraphs, hit the enter button twice.

Anyway, that was probably a little long but after one read you'll be all set to contribute to the discussion here at Pension Plan Puppets.