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Free Agents and Contracts

NHL Buyouts have begun

One of the quirks of the Return to Play schedule is that the first buyout period begins before the playoffs are over.

2020-2021 NHL offer sheet compensation has been set

Get the lowdown on how this works for all your offer sheet fantasy scenarios.

99 Reasons why Travis Dermott should just take his Qualifying Offer

Your ideas of term deals are actually bad for him and the team.

Maple Leafs sign Teemu Kivihalme to two year contract

His first season with the Marlies clearly impressed the Leafs front office.

Hudson Elynuik signs with Marlies and a host of Growlers leave for Europe

A lay of the AHL contract land.

Toronto Maple Leafs sign Mikko Lehtonen to one-year Entry Level Contract

Another free wallet!

Report: NHL to sign a transfer agreement with the Swiss league

Transfer agreements smooth the way for players to move between the leagues.

Toronto has won the Alexander Barabanov sweepstakes

Will he be the next Ilya Mikheyev? No one can match that debut, but maybe he can come close.

Free agents: is there a hidden cost, or is this all risk-free?

The first free agent season has fallen in the hiatus, so it’s time to examine the risks of signing players who’ve never set skate in the NHL before.

Maple Leafs sign Mikhail Abramov to an ELC

Drafted in the fourth round, he’s have an excellent junior season.

Maple Leafs get a defenceman on trade deadline day

He was here the whole time!

Dreger believes the Jake Muzzin extension is done

Don’t expect it to be finalized until March 1, however.

Is Jake Muzzin nearing an extension?

All signs point to a serious negotiation between the Leafs and Muzzin.

Maple Leafs extend Martin Marincin

He’s even taller now.

Happy New Year, Justin Holl

The Maple Leafs now have two defenders under contract through the next two years.

Mitch Marner And Mr. Nice Guy

Some thoughts on the big fat overpay the team gave out.

Maple Leafs sign Matt Read to a PTO

Welcome to the team, Matt.

Maple Leafs sign so much depth, we can’t list it all in this headline

It’s a July news bonanza as the Leafs add all sorts of players.

UPDATE: Contract details for both Kerfoot and Ceci

The Leafs have only one more player to sign, how much room is there?

Leafs Sign Defenceman Kevin Gravel For One Year, $700,000

Some organizational depth is never a bad thing.

Now Official: Toronto Maple Leafs sign Jason Spezza to a one year deal

He comes home for what could be his last season.

Maple Leafs will sign Kenny Agostino for two years - report

As my dad says, cheap and cheerful!

Pierre LeBrun talking sense on Overdrive on the Marner contract

Even if you’ve been avoiding this story, this is a good summation of the state of things right now.

Mitch Madness

Some rambling about everyone’s favourite RFA negotiation.

REPORT: Maple Leafs about to extend Andreas Johnsson for 4 more years

There’s more rumours of RFA signings, just not the big one. Yet.

Maple Leafs sign Teemu Kivihalme to a one-year ELC

A move out of left field shows Kyle Dubas still has Lou Lamoriello’s old cone of silence.

Ilya Mikheyev is a Maple Leaf

He’s a bit of mystery, but the biggest one of all might be: why another right wing?

Next season’s new offer sheet compensation has been set

Get the low down on how this works for all your offer sheet fantasy scenarios.

Kyle Dubas has to sign Mitch Marner before he does anything else

There’s no hard deadline for this deal, but realistically, it needs to be finished before the draft.

Toronto Marlies sign Justin Brazeau to two year AHL contract

After scoring 113 points in the regular season, Brazeau was one of the top free agents coming out of the OHL.

Toronto Marlies sign Trey Bradley to AHL contract

Toronto acquire possible Tampa Bay Lightning double agent.

Maple Leafs extend Nic Petan for two years

His trial in a few games must have shown what Kyle Dubas wanted to see. So does the AAV on this contract.


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