The Maple Leafs are still on the outside looking in, two points away from the wild card, and four from the division. Time to pull up those skate straps Leafs, and get to work.

Super Duper important

Detroit Red Wings @ Toronto Maple Leafs - 7:30PM
Cheer for: Toronto. The Leafs need to beat the Red Wings, because the Leafs need to get points to get into the playoffs. Makes sense, right?

Super important

New York Rangers @ Florida Panthers - 7:30PM
Cheer for: The Rangers. The Panthers are only one point behind the Maple Leafs in the standings, and a win tonight ties them with the Islanders and could bump the Leafs down another spot in the standings.

New York Islanders @ Edmonton Oilers - 9:00PM
Cheer for: The Oilers. An Islanders win widens the gap between them and the Leafs, or if the Leafs win, keeps it the same. Sigh. Go Oilers.

Philadelphia Flyers @ Buffalo Sabres - 7:30PM
Cheer for: Buffalo. The Sabres are four points back of the Leafs while the Flyers are two back. A win brings Buffalo closer, but doesn’t help the Flyers.

Kinda important

New Jersey Devils @ Columbus Blue Jackets - 7:00PM
Cheer for: The Jackets. Gotta keep those other East teams down.

Carolina Hurricanes @ Colorado Avalanche - 9:00PM
Cheer For: Colorado. Always root for the West over the East. Unless it’s Toronto.

Montreal Canadiens @ Vancouver Canucks - 10:00PM
Cheer For: Vancouver. A Canucks win keeps the Atlantic nice and close, plus if you’d prefer a Habs vs Leafs first round, this is the way to get it.

Meh, whatever

St. Louis Blues @ Minnesota Wild - 8:00PM
Cheer for whichever team you want. I’ll root for the Blues.

Nashville Predators @ Anaheim Ducks - 10:00PM
PK > Randy.

As always, Go Leafs Go!