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2019 Toronto Maple Leafs playoffs

Game 7 Chat: Win or go home and cry into my pillow with a bottle of whiskey

It’s game 7, in Boston, for all the marbles by which I mean they can move on to the second round.

Game 7 Preview: Here we go again

The Maple Leafs face the Bruins in a Game 7 of the first round. Again.

Game 7: The coin is still turning in the air

Heads or Tails?

Game 7 FTB: Why everyone should cheer for the Maple Leafs tonight

I know you don’t want to do it, but you should.

Game Six Chat Thread: Let’s celebrate a win today

The unwanted eyes of a nation turn to Toronto.

Leafs over Bruins post game: Who believed that goal would count?

Have you ever wondered what Mike Babcock would sound like with a Toronto accent? Find out here.

Leafs win game 5, beat Boston 2-1

Matthews and Kapanen score and Andersen has a 59 minute shutout.

Game 5 GDT: Time to take the lead again

The Maple Leafs have won all the odd numbered games so far....

Maple Leafs vs Bruins Game Five: the toughest test yet

Never tell me the odds.

Maple Leafs Game 4 Recap: Bad Pasta

We beat them, but their top line beat us.

Maple Leafs Game 4 GDT: Another win, please

The Leafs take on the Bruins in a pivotal game in the series.

Maple Leafs vs Bruins Game Four: Time to nail down the series lead at home

Letting the Bruins tie it up would not be ideal.

Despite Game 3 Win, the Leafs Third Line is a Problem

The third line is a grouping that makes no sense in theory or in practice.

Toronto Maple Leafs win game three, defeat Bruins 3-2

The Maple Leafs lead the best of seven series 2-1

Nazem Kadri suspended for the rest of the first round of the playoffs

It’s déjà vu all over again. Only worse.

Game 3 GDT: Suspension suspense

Who cares about the game. All that you want to talk about is Nazem Kadri’s suspension.

Maple Leafs vs Bruins: Game Three NHL Playoffs Round One

Revenge is a dish best served in the red glow of the goal light.

Toronto Maple Leafs Nazem Kadri to have in-person hearing with Player Safety

After a rough game in Boston, on the giving and receiving end, Kadri will meet with DoPS again

Game 2 GDT: Second verse, same as the first

Let’s all be nervous together.

Game Preview: Maple Leafs look to extend series lead

Toronto Maple Leafs lead the Bruins 1-0.

Game One of Leafs vs Bruins: This is not a repeat of last year

The Leafs have a whole new set of tools to use on the Bruins, and new ways to use the old ones.

Maple Leafs steal home ice in convincing 4-1 Game 1 win over Boston Bruins

It was a solid team effort from every Leaf from puck drop to final horn.

Game Preview: The path to redemption begins tonight for the Leafs

It’s time for the second NHL season.

Thursday’s FTB: And so, it begins

And so, it begins. Again. The Maple Leafs face the Bruins tonight for game one.

Maple Leafs and Bruins lines from the second practice day

Not much has changed as Boston continues to deal with some injuries to depth players.

NHL playoff history: Toronto Maple Leafs vs Boston Bruins

Fifteen playoff series and the Maple Leafs have the lead.

Toronto vs Boston: regular season stats comparison

We feel like we know Boston too well, but it never hurts to check the data and see how these two teams stack up.

Back to Excited: Playoff Preview

We discuss... what else?

Toronto Maple Leafs playoff schedule: Round one vs Boston Bruins

Cancel your weekend plans!

Playoff Probabilities: Portent of Doom?

Do you feel lucky?


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