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Frolunda wins again, Andreas Johnson picks up three points

The Frolunda Indians picked up a 7-1 win this afternoon thanks to two goals and one assist from Leafs prospect Andreas Johnson.

Martin Rose/Getty Images

Andreas Johnson is off to an excellent start to his 2015-2016 season with the Frolunda Inidians. Frolunda, the SHL's top team, has lost just one game this season.

Today, Johnson picked up where he left off earlier this week, adding to a three-game point streak with a three-point performance in this afternoon's 7-1 win. Johnson also registered six shots in the game, bringing his total on the season to 38 (seventh in the SHL).

With the two goals and one assist, Johnson now has six points (2G, 4A) in his last three games.

Johnson is also now playing at a point per game clip in the SHL as a 20 year old. Last season, Johnson registered 35 points in 55 SHL games. This season, he has now registered 13 points in 13 games in the SHL to complement six points in five Champions Hockey League (CHL) games.

Here's Johnson's first goal of the day, which got the scoring started for Frolunda. For the young Swedish sniper, the one-touch shot from the far post is a go-to weapon.

And here's his secondary assist. Johnson can be seen throwing a quick, almost no-look pass down low to Joel Lundqvist who in turn finds Ryan Lasch for the goal.

And here's the final goal, with Johnson finishing the game as he started it with a little chip off of Galbraith's back.

Frolunda's next game is on Tuesday against fellow Leafs prospect Jesper Lindgren at MODO.