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Carter Verhaeghe shift notes

My shift-by-shift notes for my article, for those who are inclined at how bad I am at the "eye test". I didn't re-format anything from how I originally took them aside from spelling, so there's some inconsistencies in how lengths, on/off times are kept. The first time is the time on the clock he came onto the ice, so it counts down. I typed most of this standing up while watching the play, so... yeah.

Graig Abel/Getty Images

Thursday March 19 - vs Barrie Colts (Barrie was Central Division leader, #2 in OHL Eastern Conference)

First shift 19:30
good play, defensive with a bit of cherry picking near the end

[Barrie scores om PP: 1-0 BAR]

14:49 shift to 4 on 4.
Bit of a give away at his own blue line. Lost his stick, Hope held the puck

13:04 Neutral zone face off
Long shift. 1:30 to 2:00. Good stick handling to keep puck ion Barrie end near end of shift.
Bit messy.

13:40 O-zone face off
Verhaeghe won face off, some good play around the Colts net.

13:28 D-zone face off

Lost face off, got possession but bumped into Perlini. puck over glass

9:00 D zone face off
puck out quickly, Colts gained possession, Verhaeghe led charge to Colts end


5:00 O zone face off

Dogs lost possession, Barrie cleared zone

hanging back, watch Barrie at the point

led charge out of dzone

whistle blows play dead

2:30 line change in IceDogs zone

CV very physical with colts

trying to get play out, line mates not seeing passes


off at 1:55 for face off

1:11 4v4 shift

OZ face off

leads short handing rush into colts end

start of second. Opening face off

1:00 into dzone, no goal against

17:22 oz fo

lost colts dump into icedogs zone.

5-on-3 pp

shot wide

dig at rebound.

Icedogs scored

post goal fo

5-on-4 pp

keeps in ozone

colts goal holds

oz fo

5-on-3 pp

gets puck to ho-s

puck to dunmn

colts goal holds

oz fo

5-on-3 pp


planted near colts goal

refs blow dead when dog has puck at blue line

15:43 oz fo

5-on-3 pp

puck lost

in oz for seconds, colts dump

in rebound position, good shot

waits at bl for puck

takes into oz


oz fo

shot and barrie takes out

little behind the play


9:06 nz fo


wins back to d

chases colt to net

stays there

even with colt all way up ice from oz to dogs net



4-on-5 pk

line change as pk dies

chases colt to oz

nice pass to perlini, shot and over the net

playing more defensively letting perlini and hosang take the offense



dz fo

colts keep puck in, cv plays near the net



centre ice post goal fo

passes, colts goalie holds


oz fo

colts get out

cv to perlini at dz blue

shot over the net

cv scuffles with colts webster after whistle

third period

opening fo

5-on-4 pp

goes to oz

seems out of place at time tonight


dumps into oz at blue line

HS high stick



line change

into oz

hanging out in nz



extra man after barrie gets a penalty



oz fo pp

colts get out 1 on 1 and score

post goal nzfo pp 11:50

into oz colts dump out

colts controlling puck this shift




wins, colts get, shot and save by hope

CV playing defensively or lost, not sure


3:18 line change

playing between blueline and faceoff dots in oz

2:49 fo in nz

playing high near blue line

1:43 line change off

1 sec left

nz fo

end of period

OT opening faceoff


w/ perlini matha dunn

wins back to dunn

playing high for breakout

3:56 line change off

2:50 oz fo

lost colts into dz

takes pass from [?] carries out

shot and rebound, both stopped

colts dump out



shoots second. No one has scored yet

standard shot, tries to go low blocker

stopped by blackwood

Niagara wins shootout, game, 4-3

Saturday March 21 vs Mississauga Steelheads

[dogs score 1936]

19:36 nz post goal

lost puck to miss

took puck into oz

dumped out


15:45 line change

15:30 icing

15:30 dz fo

puck into oz

hard into corner, stays with puck

pass to point, slap shot no rebound

14:44 puck over glass


oz fo pp

win to point, dman loses it

shot, high, knocked away

icedogs score  2-0



nz fo

takes puck close to net, stopped by goalie

misses long pass across rink, goes offside


2:09 line change

plays behind id net

pass up to nz

comes back offside



nz fo

win back to d

good reading play

seems to play wing in nz more than c

109 line change


oz fo

win back to d

pass to w

shot, blocked

no rebound

miss dumps into dz to run out clock

end of period

start of the second

nz fo

loss miss back to d dumps into dz

to net with perlini, miss d ties him up

shot, blocked, rb blocked

pass, shot, blocked

shot from w blocked


oz fo 18:35 5-on-3

pass from w, shot, blocked

miss dumps to dz

follows perlini in, pass intercepted

miss takes to dz

save held

play dead cv penalty hooking


15:50 out of box

takes puck to oz

behind mis net

play stopped

cv called for high stick


miss scores on pp


nz fo



oz fo

won back to d

standing sin front of goalie

goalie holds puck



nz fsace off post goal

straight to mis net

shot, saved, goal dumps

miss takes to dz

whistle on id pen

2:00 line change

good nz play

mis dumps to dz

defending net well

follows perljni to oz

whistle high stick



pp oz fo

wins back to d

mis gets and takes out

ho sang drop pass no one gets

miss takes to dz

cv right to net to protect

start of third

18:50 line change

stays on rw, whistle- offside


5-on-3 pp oz fo

win to d

banging at rebounds

miss clears

stays in nz

passes to w w misses

miss dumps out

fumbles pass in oz

staying at r side on pp on oz

shots, over net

pass around behind net, d takes shot, post miss clears

puck over glass


15:15 line change

takes puck into oz

icedogs score 14:46 - 4-1


nz fo

wins dumps to oz

pass in nz, passes to w

plays rw, dumps back in a point]shot, block gets rebound

icedogs score 2406 – 5-1 – cv assists

10:59 line change

right into oz

playing centre of zo, more conservatively

miss dumps

cv at blue line

rushes oz


cv screens, goalie stops shot

miss takes to dz cv line with wing

id goal stops


6:38 line change

miss coming into dz

cv very vocal about where w should be

cv takes mis pass into oz

cv with good play behind mis net

net off morring


3:38 pk line change

goes into dz

knocks puck loose gets into oz

nz pk fo

miss wins

id get poss dump

cv just behind f

waits for dump from scrum in corner

positioning at point for break out

skatig up rw

pass at bl, send to w

barely get ouck in front of miss net, weak shot, stopped

miss takes to dz

cv waiting for break out

send sup to w, changes 1:46