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Andreas Johnson hasn't heard from Leafs, happy with Frolunda

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One of the Leafs best prospects remains uncertain about his future.

In April, I wrote a piece on Andreas Johnson, whose been among the SHL's most prolific goal scorers as an 18, 19, and 20-year-old. In 78 games across all competitions and leagues this season Johnson registered 36 goals and 65 points.

Johnson's Frolunda team was among the best in the SHL this season and were it not for a mid-playoffs knee injury, they may have made it out out of the second round.

His personal success, as well as the team's success doesn't appear to have him eager to leave, despite it being an opportune time to join the Leafs, or the Marlies.

Johnson still has one year remaining on his contract, and the former seventh round pick may fulfil it, having yet to receive an entry level deal from the Leafs.

This week, in an interview with Johan Rylander, Johnson didn't appear committed to making the transition to North America. The following is a rough translation from Swedish to English of his remarks.

"I have not heard so much, actually. Toronto has been busy trying to find management. I've talked a little bit with my agent, but he says that we have to deal with it later," Johnson said.

"You see how [Dallas Stars prospect] Mattias Janmark developed. He just gets better here in Frölunda. I see no reason not to stay."

The Leafs retain Johnson's rights until the 2017 NHL draft.

Stick tap to @Tsetse_fly on Twitter for bringing the quotes to my attention.