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WATCH: Yegor Korshkov with an OT goal he made happen all on his own

Lokomotiv is giving one of their youngest players a chance to shine, and he's running with it.

First the goal, the game winner in overtime as Lokomotiv took Avangard 3-2:

Yegor Korshkov is the Russian Mitch Marner. Not because he's as good as Marner, but because he outplayed the junior league by as much as Marner did the OHL.

I had some concern that with a lot of additions at the top of the Lokomotiv lineup, Korshkov might get shoved off the bottom of the depth chart, but he's getting ice time. The coach seems to be running a very even spread between the top line and the bottom group of forwards, and Korshkov is usually at a third to fourth line number of shifts.

Just the fact that he was on the ice in overtime shows he has some trust of the coach. Okay, his time on ice in OT was only eight seconds, but it was an important eight seconds!

Korshkov has one goal and one assist so far for two points in four games. That is exactly how you keep getting ice time.