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Maple Leafs pipeline 2017

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This isn’t a depth chart, it’s a list of future depth: all players whose rights are held by the Leafs, but aren’t signed to an NHL contract yet.

Hamilton Bulldogs v London Knights
Name that prospect.
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We collected all the NHL contracted players into a depth chart, mostly to note how shallow it is in places. You can find that chart, which we will try to keep updated, in our And Now You Know section.

For the rest of the Leafs draft picks in the system, the rotating set of players that either become Leafs or go off to live their lives, this is the chart to track them all.

Since this is first posted just before June, some assumptions had to be made. College players that aren’t at graduation age are assumed to be going back to the same school. CHL players are assumed to be returning to their teams unless they have aged out or would be overagers. Europeans are listed as per their actual contract status.

Wingers who play both sides are given a designation by their handedness.

Two players who have signed AHL deals with the Marlies are included, even though they have sidestepped out of the regular pipeline. Fabrice Herzog’s rights expire in a few days, so he is not included, since he is firmly ensconced in the Swiss league.

Toronto Maple Leafs Pipeline 2017

Name Birthdate Pos 2016/2017 Team 2017/2018 Team Rights Expire
Name Birthdate Pos 2016/2017 Team 2017/2018 Team Rights Expire
Keaton Middleton February 10, 1998 D Saginaw Spirit, OHL Saginaw Spirit, OHL June 1, 2018
Vladimir Bobylev April 18, 1997 C Vicoria Royals, WHL Vicoria Royals, WHL June 1, 2018
Nicolas Mattinen March 5, 1998 D London Knights, OHL London Knights, OHL June 1, 2018
Pierre Engvall May 31, 1996 LW Mora IK, Allsvenskan HV71, SHL June 1, 2018
J.J. Piccinich June 12, 1996 RW London Knights, OHL Toronto Marlies, AHL June 1, 2018
Nolan Vesey March 28, 1995 LW U. of Maine, NCAA U. of Maine, NCAA August 15, 2018
Martins Dzierkals April 4, 1997 LW R-N Huskies, QMJHL Toronto Marlies, AHL June 1, 2019
Jesper Lindgren May 19, 1997 D MODO, Allsvenskan HPK, Liiga June 1, 2019
Ian Scott January 11, 1999 G Prince Albert Raiders, WHL Prince Albert Raiders, WHL June 1, 2019
Fedor Gordeev January 27, 1999 D Flint Firebirds, OHL Flint Firebirds, OHL June 1, 2019
Ryan McGregor January 29, 1999 C/LW Sarnia Sting, OHL Sarnia Sting, OHL June 1, 2019
Eemeli Räsänen April 6, 1999 D Kingston Frontenacs, OHL Kingston Frontenacs, OHL June 1, 2019
Dakota Joshua May 15, 1996 C Ohio State, NCAA Ohio State, NCAA August 15, 2019
Joseph Woll July 12, 1998 G Boston College, NCAA Boston College, NCAA August 15, 2020
J.D. Greenway April 27, 1998 D U. of Wisconsin, NCAA U. of Wisconsin, NCAA August 15, 2020
Ryan O'Connell April 25, 1999 D St. Andrew's College, CAHS Penticten Vees, BCHL August 15, 2022
Yegor Korshkov July 10, 1996 RW Lokomotiv, KHL Lokomotiv, KHL Indefinite
Nikolai Chebykin August 1, 1997 LW Dynamo Moscow, KHL, VHL SKA-Neva St. Petersburg, VHL Indefinite
Vladislav Kara April 20, 1998 C Irbis Kazan, MHL MHL/VHL Indefinite

This isn’t a lot of players, and to some extent, that’s because the Leafs have signed a lot of ELCs in the last couple of years. It’s also because once you get back beyond 2015, the Leafs had very few draft picks.

Assuming none of the picks for the 2017 draft are traded the Leafs will have seven more names to add to this list. Two will likely be gone, as both Korostelev and Desrocher must be signed by June 1 or the Leafs lose their rights.

Now that we have the list, it’s up to you to rank them if you want to, or to decide if you think they even should be signed.

UPDATED as of June 1.