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Maple Leafs Prospects

European Report: Playoffs come to Sweden

The Russian playoffs are in their final rounds while Sweden has just begun.

Leafs Sign NCAA Centre Alex Steeves to ELC for 2021-22

Toronto adds a player to the pipeline.

Draft picks, Impact prospects, B prospects, and who’s on the trade block in the Leafs system

A comprehensive list for all your trade proposal desires.

European Report: playoffs and postponements

It’s spring time hockey in a pandemic. The playoffs are on, this time, but so are the cancellations.

Semyon Der-Arguchintsev’s KHL season is over

He should be coming back to Toronto to join the Marlies.

European Report: KHL Playoffs and farewell to Yegor Korshkov

It’s been fun, but it’s time for the Carolina fans to cheer on Korshkov. If they’ve noticed he’s their prospect, that is.

Marlies vs. Moose Series Recap: Robertson scores first AHL goal, Sandin injured

Focusing on performances of this new Marlies team.

Update: Scott Sabourin signed to NHL contract

With no official start date, but a rumour of a Valentine’s Day target, the Toronto Marlies are starting to look like a team ready to play.

Comparing our Toronto Maple Leafs prospect pyramids

Rankings are for chumps. Pyramid schemes are where it’s at.

European Report: Stretch Drive in the KHL

The season overlap has European teams driving for playoff spots while the NHL is just starting.

How the WJC affects my Top 25 Under 25 opinions

Who is trending up and who is deeply disappointing to me on a personal level?

Roni Hirvonen launches Finland to victory over Sweden

WJC quarterfinal action sees all six Leafs prospects move on to the semifinals.

Mikhail Abramov suspended one game at World Junior Championships

He was goaded into taking a penalty, and now it just got worse

Maple Leafs prospects at the WJC: Day one recap

There’s been only one real game played by each of the teams our prospects play on, but there were things to learn.

Winter T25U25: #12-10, Topi Niemela, Roni Hirvonen, and Mikhail Abramov

We finally get to the first of the legit prospects in the Leafs system

Winter T25U25: #22 Veeti Miettinen

The next Nick Robertson! Haha, just kidding. Unless?

6 Maple Leafs’ prospects are bubbling up for the WJC

What can you expect from watching them?

Axel Rindell and Mikko Kokkonen: what’s the difference?

Is one Finnish defenceman that different from another?

Points, minutes and Dmitry Ovchinnikov

The unexpected point spree of this late-round Leafs draft pick is partly driven by time on ice. How much of his success is just minutes, though? Come find out.

Winter T25: Honourable Mentions

Someone voted for them, maybe even several people, but they didn’t quite make the cut.

Winter T25: The Unranked

The PPP voters left 15 players of the 45 choices totally unranked.

3 Maple Leafs prospects on preliminary Team Finland WJC roster

There are a lot of cuts to come, but the three should make the final list.

Updated - Maple Leafs prospect news: Many players getting December off

Some leagues are starting to shut down just as the NHL is considering starting up.

Jukurit at Ässät features 3 Leafs prospects on Friday morning

Do you love them enough to pay to watch it?

European Report: Last call before the juniors head to Alberta

With the junior prospects a week or two away from joining their camps, and the December break coming up, this is a checkup of the European players.

Winter T25: Community Vote

The community vote is bigger, better, and more animated than every before. Vote now! Vote only once, though.

Winter T25U25: New to the list

Kyle Dubas made some deals and did some magic multiplication on the draft picks, giving us a lot of new names on the list.

It’s beginning to look a lot like WJC season

Russia announces their long list for their WJC camp.

Mikko Lehtonen released from Jokerit loan

The Leafs defender is now free to come to Toronto (after all, Russia already gave him COVID-19 as a parting gift).

Top 10 Most Annoying Ranked Lists and 1 That’s Fun

I rank the rankers, and find them all rank.

Nick Abruzzese’s hockey season is cancelled

Ivy League schools have cancelled all winter sports.

European Report: The November break reveals the cracks in this hockey season

It’s hard to believe sometimes, that we made it to the first break in the season for international play — a lot of which has been cancelled.


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