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Maple Leafs defender shopping: Ville Heinola seems to be on the market

Is there a deal here for the Leafs?

When is an RFA really a UFA?

This is not about shopping for bargains, at least not the way we usually think of a bargain.

Update: Ottawa Claims Mete

Depth defensive additions are not top of the list for Leafs needs, but they should still consider the freebies.

Thursday is a good day for a Maple Leafs trade

Unless the Leafs can find someone on a Canadian team they want, they need to factor quarantine and their schedule into any deal.

That AHL player at training camp is not making the team

No, I’m not telling you there’s a chance.

Key Dates for the Official 2021 NHL Season

Written in pencil for now, and subject to change.

Holiday Monday Salary Cap Thoughts

Please don’t show me your armchair GM roster.

Alex Pietrangelo and Tyson Barrie remain unsigned, while the rest of the righty defenders found jobs

Except for Torey Krug, but he’s a Bruin and actually a lefty.

Can the Maple Leafs find a fit with the 3 players bought out so far?

It’s a diverse set of players, and there may be more to come.

The Case for (and against) trading Frederik Andersen

Someday Andersen will move on from the Leafs. Should that be now?

Maple Leafs could be shopping for defence in Minnesota

The Wild have three options to look over.

Is Jake Muzzin nearing an extension?

All signs point to a serious negotiation between the Leafs and Muzzin.

Have the Leafs wrapped Kasperi Kapanen in bubble wrap for the duration?

Were they being cautious with an injury or overcautious with an asset? And what about the rest of their trade chips?

Toronto Maple Leafs rumor collection: Draft weekend edition

It’s the best time for gossip!

Hockey Hall of Fame class of 2019: Who gets in this year?

It’s not the strongest crop of first year eligible players.

Who leaves the lineup when Matthews and Nylander return?

The work only gets more complicated for Kyle Dubas and Mike Babcock when William Nylander signs, but that’s a good thing.

About all that William Nylander buzz

Forget Mike Babcock’s comments; why was the GM of the Marlies at a Leafs game?

Maple Leafs milestones: 20 game mark

Have any Leafs hit their big numbers yet?

Maple Leafs milestones

Who could hit big numbers in the blue and white this season?

Can Riley Nash fill the hole at centre on the Leafs?

He’s not the name on everyone’s lips, but could a depth signing of this sort make the Leafs better?

Hockey Hall of Fame class of 2018: Who gets in this year?

Two locks, one should be, and one with nice hair.

The playing season closes, and the trade season opens

Thank goodness that’s over, now we can make trades.

Should the Leafs trade James van Riemsdyk?

It’s time to ask.

Aggressive Armchair General Management: An Insane Leafs Trade Deadline

Let’s get wild!

A Quick and Dirty Survey of Western Conference Right-Shooting Defencemen

Part II of our scan of potential trade acquisitions.

A Quick and Dirty Survey of Eastern Conference Right-Shooting Defencemen

Let’s look quickly at the East’s Top 4 RHD we might trade for.

Shameless Trade Speculation: What would it take to get Kris Letang to the Leafs?

Dreaming is fun!

The Toronto Maple Leafs should trade for Max Pacioretty

The Montreal Canadiens captain is on the trade block. Would they move him to Toronto?

Scouting out free agent replacements for James van Riemsdyk, Tyler Bozak

Out with the old, in with the new

Would the Leafs send Timothy Liljegren back to the SHL’s worst team?

It might be early in the season, but Rögle’s poor start suggests Liljegren is not going back there.

Will Butcher fit with the Toronto Maple Leafs?

The Hobey Baker-winning Denver grad is heading for free agency.

What would the Team North America Under 23 roster look like today?

Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews will join forces once again on this hypothetical roster


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