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PPP’s Top 25 Under 25 is on its way

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The yearly ranking of the young Leafs is back for another edition.

NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at Florida Panthers Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, fans of Toronto Maple Leafs prospects and the opinions of random people on the Internet.

This message is here to let you know that we have not forgotten about the Top 25 Under 25 ranking. Other sites have started posting their, uh, posts about lesser prospects and we’re busy behind the scenes arguing and debating and name calling while we sort our lists.

Voting concludes at the end of this week, and then we’ll be taking some time to start writing up the profiles, tally the votes and getting things organized to make sure we don’t end up writing really bad profiles at the last minute (me).

Below you’ll find the schedule for this year’s posting, as well as a rundown of the voters. Before we get to that, take a look at past results and laugh at how much we valued some guys who went nowhere.

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The Panel

For the 2017 edition we have the following voters:

elseldo - That’s me! I love the prospects we have and am excited to be spearheading the T25 this year.

Arvind - Our favourite Leafs analyst will do his best not to end up with the same list as Fulemin.

Acting the Fulemin - The wordy wonder will do his best not to have the same list as Arvind.

Kevin Papetti - The newest member of PPP will share his takes on the kids with you. Everyone loved his draft profiles, so the expectations are high.

KatyaKnappe - The big boss, the one in charge, ruler of PPP with an iron fist and successful coup developer.

Achariya - Making sure we spell thigns correctly and managing editor over at Raw Charge.

Baseball Annie- Recovering Flyers fan and frequent Toronto visitor, one of the editors for Women’s Hockey Wednesday.

Species 1967- Refusing to believe that JVR isn’t able to be on the list.

Gunnar Carlsson- Hopefully not mad I forgot to put her on the list originally.

And out guest reviewers:

brigstew - Former FTB writer who is now back to filling the comments

Scott Wheeler - Former boss in charge who’s now a mittenstringer over at the Toronto Star.

JaredFromLondon - PPP regular and noted beard haver with a comment count over 160,000. Something to strive for, everyone.

The Schedule

July 20th: T25U25 Preview - I’ll run down the 40-plus players eligible for this years list.
July 21st: T25U25 misfits - Species will take a look at those unfortunate players who didn’t get a single vote.
July 24th: 2016 T25U25 review - a look back at last years list.
July 25th: The Honourable mentions. Players who recieved votes but didn’t crack the Top 25.
July 26th-28th: We’ll take a look at and make the case for players we liked, but others didn’t.
July 31st - Aug 4th: #25-21
Aug 7th-11th: #20-16
Aug 14th-18th: #15-11
Aug 21st-25th: #10-6
Aug 27th-Sept 1st: #5-1

Around these dates we’ll have weekly community rankings and other things to keep everyone engaged on the weekends.

The Top 25 is coming soon. We’re making sure we don’t leave anyone off our lists. Again.