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Maple Leafs' Top 25 Under 25

The bi-annual ranking of the top 25 Toronto Maple Leafs' prospects conducted by the Pension Plan Puppets' braintrust.

Top 25 Under 25: William Nylander is 3rd on our list, 1st in my heart

Was William Nylander the Leafs MVP of this season?

Top 25 Under 25: Rasmus Sandin is still the Leafs top prospect at #4

Sandin holds off Robertson to maintain his status as the Maple Leafs top prospect.

Top 25 Under 25: Nick Robertson bursts onto the scene at #5

Warning: contains a large number of highlights of Nick Robertson. Viewer discretion is advised.

Top 25 Under 25: Kasperi Kapanen drops to #6

A tough year and the emergence of others contributes to a tumble.

Top 25 Under 25: Timothy Liljegren is ready for the NHL at #7

After working hard on defense, Liljegren has put it all together and is ready for the NHL.

Top 25 Under 25: Travis Dermott keeps us guessing at #8

Where does he go from here?

Top 25 Under 25: Pierre Engvall leaps up to 9th

The long-necked forward has a big rise in the ranks after a solid rookie season.

Top 25 Under 25: The Leafs 2nd round pick sets the bar at #10

The biggest mystery box of all tantalized us with its potential.

Top 25 Under 25 Community Vote and Recap: Week 3

A goalie marks the largest divergence we have in the community vs. expert voting.

Top 25 Under 25: Mikko Kokkonen tied for 11th place

Last year’s interesting defence prospect vaults into the top 12.

Top 25 Under 25: Adam Brooks is in the fight for a full-time spot at #11

This late-bloomer has been molded by the Marlies and is now ready for the Leafs.

Top 25 Under 25: Nick Abruzzese makes his debut at #13

The small late bloomer went from unranked to legitimate prospect in the eyes of the voters

Top 25 Under 25: Mikhail Abramov scores his way to 14th

A great D+1 year puts Abramov on the map.

2020 Top 25 Under 25: Semyon Der-Arguchintsev jumps to #15

Does SDA making the top 15 show a vote of confidence in the player or a lack of confidence in the prospect pool?

Top 25 Under 25: The Case for Alexis Lafreniere

Or Quinton Byfield?

T25U25: How the voting tabulation changed the list

Joseph Woll demands a recount, and other changes to the tabulation of this year’s list.

T25U25 Community Vote and Recap: Week 2

We uncover our deep philosophic divides in this week’s reveal of your votes.

Top 25 Under 25: A wild Malgin appears at #16

Where does Malgin fit in on the Maple Leafs now and next season?

Top 25 Under 25: Egor Korshkov improves to #17

Korshkov moves up 4 spots thanks to an 82 goal pace!

Top 25 Under 25: Pontus Holmberg finds a holm at #18

The article can only improve from the headline!

Top 25 Under 25: Joseph Duszak moves up to #19

The Mercyhurst defender made the jump from college to the Marlies with aplomb.

Top 25 Under 25: Filip Kral is a Kyle Dubas defenseman at #20

But honestly, we’re all just waiting to see what he does on the Marlies

2020 T25U25 Week 1 Recap & Community Vote

You’ve seen our votes, now it’s time to look at yours.

Top 25 Under 25: Jeremy Bracco has fallen to #21

Is this an over-correction, or a true reading on a formerly overrated prospect?

Top 25 Under 25: Mac Hollowell is transitioning to pro at #22

"He’s not going to fail from wont of trying."

Top 25 Under 25: Toronto’s own 4th-round pick debuts at 23

A player is a player but an unpicked draft pick could be anything, it could even be a player!

Top 25 under 25: Jesper Lindgren arrives at #24

After five years of trying, Lindgren makes the list.

Top 25 Under 25: The Case for Kristians Rubins

Getting to know one of my favourite Marlies prospects.

Top 25 Under 25: The Case For The Goalies

What can Ian Scott and Joseph Woll do to get back up the rankings next year?

Top 25 Under 25: #25, the 2020 Vegas 4th-Round Pick

In a fitting tribute to the weirdest hockey season ever, a draft pick opens our Top 25 list this year.

Top 25 Under 25: The Case For Michael Koster and Kalle Loponen

Is there a case for these two defenders, or should they have been two more mysteries on the unranked list?

Top 25 Under 25: Some shocking results in the honourable mentions in 2020

It’s hard to be weird enough to shock this year, but I think we managed it with who we didn’t rank.


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