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Reports: William Nylander to play for Team Sweden at World Juniors

The following is roughly translated from a Swedish news story at Sport Bladet, published by Hans Abrahamsson.

Dennis Pajot/Getty Images

Team Sweden's management has confirmed that William Nylander will be made available for this year's World Junior Championships (WJCs).

After a visit to New York, Sweden's leadership has come away with confirmation that Nylander will be available for his final year of WJC eligibility alongside fellow Swedish prospect and former teammate Adrian Kempe.

According to Peter Forsberg, the vice president of Sweden's equivalent governing body to Hockey Canada, the Leafs intend on releasing the AHL's leading scorer for the competition.

Nylander is also content on being released, according to head coach Rikard Gronberg.

Sweden, one of the youngest team's at last year's World Juniors, could also be bolstered by Kings prospect Kempe and Flames prospect Oliver Kylington who also belong to their respective teams' AHL affiliates.

After meeting with NHL brass in New York, deputy commissioner Bill Daly reportedly encouraged the three AHL teams to release the three Swedes.

If Sweden can add all three of them, they may become early tournament favourites for gold.

It may not have been the Leafs' first choice to have Nylander go though. According to TSN's Bob McKenzie, they may have been compelled to do it by the NHL. This could bode well for Kasperi Kapanen's release as well. This year's World Juniors are being held in Kapanen's native Finland.

The following is loosely translated from a Swedish news story (credit to Twitter user @sagajo for sharing the link):

Here are a delight statement before the Junior World Championships.

The opportunities to get off star striker William Nylander, 19, from Toronto Maple Leafs are great.

- Toronto has answered me in the day. They do not have any plans to move him up in the NHL, and that he is available for the JVM, says Ice Hockey Federation vice-president Peter Forsberg.

Junior crowns looks to be a really strong team to the tournament being held in Finland starting on Boxing Day. A squad that could be spiked further on star striker William Nylander connect.

Three current player belongs among the NHL teams: William Nylander, Adrian Kempe (Los Angeles) and Oliver Kylington (Calgary) all currently playing AHL hockey and when they should, according to the agreement between the NHL and the Swedish Ice Hockey Association, released to the Junior World Championships .

It has been speculated that Toronto does not want to let William Nylander, who convinced a lot in the AHL and is located in the top of the scoring leaders.

Received a reply from Toronto

Right now is a Swedish delegation with the Secretary General Tommy Boustedt, Peter Forsberg and SHL's president and sporting director, Jörgen Lindgren and John Hemlin in New York. Yesterday they had a meeting with the NHL's vice president Bill Daly. One thing that was raised was the Swedish players who are being considered for the Junior World Championships.

It was Bill Daly, who sent the request to the clubs to release players for the Junior World Championships.

This afternoon had Peter Forsberg responses from Toronto:

- They said they have no plans to move up William in the NHL. That their plan is for him to play in the AHL and then he is also available for the JVM. They just wanted to look at some things and come back. I do not see this as a problem, says Peter Forsberg.

- The only thing that may disturb the picture is if the player does not want to or if he moves up in the NHL, says Forsberg.

"To play the Junior World Championships"

Junior crown coach Rikard Grönborg have talked with William Nylander:

- "Wille" has clearly said he wants to play for the Toronto release him, no doubt. We had a good talk and from our side we naturally want to be with him, saying Grönborg.

On November 15, collected JVM squad in Stockholm.

When would you like to have a definitive answer from NHL clubs?

- Yes, we have not set a date, but a week before the team collected sounds reasonable, so around 7 or 8 December, says Peter Forsberg.