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Vote Sparks/Bibeau 2016

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It’s GOTV time at PPP. Vote early, vote exactly 10 times for the goalie mask of your choice.

Christian Bonin |

"Masked Madness" is an AHL promotion that can win you an AHL Prize Pack! I have no idea what’s in it because there are important issues of democracy at stake here that need to be examined.

Masked Madness asks you to pick your favourite goalie mask. And because this is the AHL, there is a complex schedule that no one could possibly remember. The surprising thing is that the masks from out west don’t need fewer votes to win.

Toronto is in the first group, as it should be; Toronto is always first, but this also means that Marlies fans have missed almost a whole day’s voting. You all need to get to work here.

You can sign in if you want to win whatever that prize is, but you can vote without signing in, up to 10 times a day.

I voted twice already:

You see the problem? This is vote splitting! There is only one answer to this, and that’s proportional representation. The votes for the two Marlies’ goalies should be added together to make them the co-leaders of the free hockey world. (Ignore the two Crunch goalies in there; that’s not the point.)

Adin Hill plays for the Tucson Roadrunners, so it’s good to see that team has so many fans so quickly who each vote only 10 times.

Anton Forsberg plays for the Cleveland Monsters, and we know what Cleveland teams have been doing to Toronto lately. There is simply no reason that Toronto fans should sit back and let either of them win it.

And Scott Wedgewood! He’s a Devil! Are we going to let a member of the Albany Devils best the Marlies? Are we going to let a little problem like this vote splitting keep us from triumphing? Will we wait for Rich Clune to score a last-minute vote to win this?

Get out there and vote precisely 10 times each, Marlies fans, and when this is over, we can spend ten to twenty years discussing PR with the AHL.