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The Leafs reverse previous roster shuffle

Up is down, down is up around here.

Toronto Maple Leafs v Colorado Avalanche Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

On December the 24th, the Leafs moved some players back to the AHL where they played in the Boxing Day Classic for the Marlies, and now unsurprisingly, they’re all Leafs again.

As of now, no one has officially said what they’ve done with Jhonas Enroth. Since he was called up most recently after December 11, they can send him down right now. Perhaps they’ve forgotten he is actually real and not just a name they plop onto the lineup card some nights. But his name is not on the AHL transactions list along with the other three, so as of now, he’s on the Leafs roster.

By my count of the active roster, if Tyler Bozak is not on IR and Ben Smith is, they are at 24 with Enroth, so one assumes he’s being sent down, and the chance exists again for Antoine Bibeau to get another NHL start.

The Florida Panthers lost their last game to an AHL goalie making his first ever start, perhaps the Leafs think that might be the place to try out Bibeau again.

In a previous story, I erroneously had the freeze ending at midnight on the 28th. It actually ends at midnight between the 27th and 28th, so it is also just possible, the Leafs are going to send Enroth down after the freeze is over. Perhaps the paperwork is easier.