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Leafs get into Halloween spirit, beg the question: Who is Boba Fett?

There's something a little off about Nazem Kadri's costume, though.

trick or treat

A photo posted by Leo Komarov (@komarovleo47) on

Here's what we know:

  • Leo Komarov is awesome for sharing this with us.
  • Komarov is also awesome as the big bad wolf who ate grandma.
  • Nazem Kadri what are you doing you are from London??
  • Seriously Naz who had a good season? The Orioles or the Blue Jays? What is this? A good troll job?
  • Whoever did Tyler Bozak's skeleton makeup is pretty good.
  • Boba Fett's face is really obscured.

Fett's face being so obscured does make it a good costume! But it also makes it really difficult to identify just which Leaf he is.

Could he be James van Riemsdyk, who is pretty awesome himself? Stephane Robidas, who has had plenty of time to plan his costume? Phil Kessel sneaking back into Toronto to hang out with his old buddies?

Or just Daniel Winnik, who's a really cool guy?

Okay it's Winnik.

But... aren't Stormtroopers and Boba Fett both... clones of the same person...

This is weird. At least Winnik is cool. Let's just focus on that.