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Highlights from Mitch Marner's Twitter Q&A

Some of it was cool, and then some of it reminds kids born in 1997 are 18 now, and makes you feel old.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The London Knights held a Twitter Q&A with their co-captains, Mitch Marner and Christian Dvorak. Marner is, of course, of significant interest to the Toronto Maple Leafs, what with how he was their fourth overall pick and is a big part of the team's future and all.

So with that said, let's gain some additional insight into one of the new great hopes for Toronto, via his answers to silly Twitter questions. Because what better way to do it?

The Leafs stuff

First, when asked which is his favourite NHL team, he had a pretty obvious answer:

Thanks Mitch.

His favourite NHL player comes as no surprise, either:

And on his fellow Leafs prospect, William Nylander:

True. This is true.

Other sports

His choice for favourite Blue Jay is a good one:

His choice for favourite sports movie, though? Uhh...

... Not a hockey movie? Uhh, Mitch??


His favourite musician?

(That's the part where you feel old, I think.)

Favourite TV show is a bit better:

And of course, on the age old questions of cats vs. dogs, the boys know what they're talking about:


When asked if it was Marner or Dvorak who was the Batman to the other's Robin:


Where's the evidence, Mitch? Where are the receipts? Are the Leafs going to have to hold a dance off as part of their next development camp? (Actually, can they do that anyway?)

As for bucket lists, Marner's is pretty interesting (and hopefully not injury-inducing):

Will playing against the San Jose Sharks count? Because that's going to happen one day.

And finally, the important stuff...

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

That's probably the most media-friendly answer to that question I've ever seen. Nothing in there to anger anyone on either side of the isle. He's ready for the show.