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WATCH: Jonathan Bernier gives up goal to Derek Stepan from centre ice

... Oops.

James Reimer has been on fire for the Maple Leafs as of late. He's won three games in a row, and has gotten his team at least a point through the past five. He's also rocking the save percentages, with at least .940 in his wins.

In short, he's been awesome.

But hey, it's a back-to-back game for the Leafs, so that means you bring in your second goalie. In this case, it's Jonathan Bernier, who is only just coming back from a lower body injury. His last game was on Oct. 31, a .875 SV% effort in a loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins. So... not great.

With Reimer riding sky high, Bernier was going to need a big game to stay in the conversation when it comes to Leafs goaltending, both now and in the future. Reimer and Bernier are both 27 years old, but Bernier is still signed for one more season.

... That goal given up to Derek Stepan probably isn't going to help, though. Shades of Vesa Toskala...