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Doug Gilmour wants you to have a sleepover at the Air Canada Centre

Well, if it's what Doug Gilmour wants...

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Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

If you've ever used Airbnb, you know it can be a pretty great way to get away for a few days. Rather than going to a hotel, you can stay in someone's house, specifically designed and/or available for guests, in a part of the place you're visiting you may not have seen otherwise.

You can also use it to stay in cool resorts that wouldn't have been available through traditional means, such as really fancy treehouses, or... the Air Canada Centre, made available by Doug Gilmour.

See, the Toronto Maple Leafs host the Montreal Canadiens on Jan. 23, 2016. That's a classic Hockey Night in Canada matchup. And all you have to do to be able to attend that game - and then spend the night in the ACC (and catch a Raptors game the next day, for good measure) - is click here and explain why your Leafs (and Raptors) fandom is the best fandom.

And then you get to hang out with Dougie himself, go on a shopping spree, watch two games from primo seats for free, and spend the night in a custom suite.

It sounds like, quite simply, the coolest thing. If any of our readers win this contest, you gotta document it for us. Please. So we can all live vicariously through you.