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Highlights from Tie Domi's Reddit AMA

Tie Domi took the time to answer questions Redditors posed him. Here's some of what he had to offer.

Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

Noted Maple Leafs fan favourite Tie Domi has a Reddit account! But more importantly than that: noted Maple Leafs fan favourite Tie Domi took some time out of his day to answer hockey fans' questions on the /r/hockey subreddit.

He didn't answer most of the questions - and considering the content of some of them, that's probably for the best - but there's still some decent insight in there.

The basics

LAKingsDave: Of all the people you fought, who got the best hit on you?

TieDomi28: Dave Brown. Bob Probert as well.

workderp: Best chirp you ever gave/received?

TieDomi28: Told one guy that if he didn't leave my teammate alone that he'd be eating his Christmas dinner through a straw. Ended up breaking his jaw. Which I felt sorry for.

ScoutingTheRefs: You spent a LOT of time in the box and dealing with officials. Any memorable referee interactions? Favorite refs?

TieDomi28: Favourite linesman, Ray Scapinello! Favourite Ref, Paul Devorski. I respected them all, and got to know them well.

Going a little deeper

edmontonmatty: Whats the most memorable moment you have of the NHL?

TieDomi28: My teammates and the relationships that you build with them. There are moments you cherish. Here I am 10 years later, with great friendships (Sundin, McCabe, Joseph, Roberts etc)

Who was the best coach you have had in your days?

TieDomi28: Pat Burns was definitely way ahead of his time. He was an ex-cop that understood people and how to handle people. He knows everybody isn't the same, and he definitely knew that I was unique, and I was blessed to have Pat Quinn right after. Both were huge influences on not only my career, but on my life. God bless them both.

timewrecker: What was you favourite Pat Quinn story? You seemed to have a close relationship with him.

TieDomi28: Probably one of the most memorable ones, one of the more serious ones that really stuck with me was when he apologized to me for keeping me out of the lineup against Montreal, back-to-back when we missed the playoffs.

mbm66: Do you think the Toronto media can be too harsh on players?

TieDomi28: If anybody knows it and lived it, it was me. Personally and professionally. But at the end of the day they do have a job to do and professional athletes are paid a lot of money to deal with that kind of stuff. Part of the job for anyone in the spotlight.

Pat Burns gave me the best advice, "They're not your friends." But I treated them all with respect, as they do all have a job to do. The ones who get personal, or who aren't well wishers, or who are jealous...they're easy to figure out and I just get them with my smile and my kindness.

Everybody knows there's no gray with me, just black and white.

dbr255: Did you know that Stevens was in the penalty box when you decided to elbow Niedermayer in the face in 2001?

TieDomi28: I wish he was on the ice. He ran his whole career from me. He was a guy who picked on the small guys and tried to get them with their head down.

He would be suspended for most of his hits in today's NHL.

Okay - so Tie shied away from a lot of questions, but damn, he went for it in that answer.

He also answered questions about Max Domi, as well as a few other enforcers like Rob Ray, and his love for Bobby Clarke. The full AMA is here.