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Nashville Predators claim Petter Granberg off waivers

Nooo! Not... that guy...!

Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Petter Granberg has been with the Toronto Maple Leafs ever since they drafted him in the fourth round of the 2010 NHL entry draft. He never exactly made an impact, though; he spent the first few years post-draft playing in his native Sweden, and when he finally came over to North America, he only got in eight NHL games.

But now, the 6'3, 200 lb. defenceman is no longer with the Leafs. Placed on waivers the day before, the Nashville Predators have claimed him: a team especially deep on defence, and a team that now has to keep him on their NHL roster.

Maybe they see something in him the Leafs didn't. He has yet to play this season after suffering a torn achilles while training over the off-season, and considering how deep Nashville is, it's a wonder when he'll play again. Either way, though, that's now Nashville's concern - Granberg is no longer a Leaf.